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I’m sure there are a ton of backlist TBR reading challenges out there with varying lengths and specifics. And if this matches one that already exists please let me know because I don’t want to host a duplicate challenge!

(And I wanted to post this now so that y’all have plenty of time to decide and come up with a reading list because I know November/December are generally busy whether it’s the holidays, school, just life in general, etc.)

You’re all welcome to use the banner image in your post(s), or make your own!


The Challenge

The Beat the Backlist Challenge is focused on knocking off titles that have been on your TBR for a while, or even ones that get pushed aside for new releases. Over the years, and especially this one, I’ve noticed that new releases are getting more and more attention while our TBRs continue to grow. And the polls I’ve seen/hosted have shown that readers also really want backlist title reviews (if that’s an added incentive to read more of them).

This challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st, 2017. 

That’s right. You have en ENTIRE YEAR to complete your goal.


the guidelines

Books must be released prior to 2017

(this challenge isn’t for new releases)

That’s it!

Set your reading goal

Pick the books you want to read


This is more about you working toward decreasing your TBR stack alongside a bunch of other readers!

Post updates throughout the year with #beatthebacklist


The Fun Stuff

Depending on interest, there may be a few Twitter chats and/or giveaways for participants! Details on that to come…


Where Do I Sign Up?!

This challenge is open to everyone! You don’t need to be a book blogger but you’ll need to create a list of the books you plan to read whether it’s a post somewhere or a Goodreads shelf, or whatever system works for you. Then add it to the link-up below! This form will stay open throughout 2017 so you can join in at any time.

Don’t worry about your TBR intro list being your final list! It’s just a starting point so you have some titles to cross off! This challenge is all about what YOU accomplish so change your books whenever you feel like it!

I do recommend setting a goal for a total number of books read, perhaps? Totally up to you though! Just as a way to move toward a final goal!!


Want to make things more interesting? Join the HOGWARTS HOUSE MINI CHALLENGE where the books you read count towards points for your Hogwarts house of choice! Click the banner below!


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39 responses to “2017 Beat the Backlist // Challenge Information

  1. I’m on board. I’m already planning on doing Mount TBR next year–I’m doing the smallest level of it now (12 books) because I only discovered it earlier this month. This will fit nicely inside that challenge, so I made a list of the 40 highest-priority reads from my 250+ owned-but-unread collection; mostly unfinished series, plus a few works by author-friends I haven’t gotten to and one *shamefully* old unread book I’ve had ten years? Twelve? I’m not even sure when I got it anymore.

    • That’s awesome! Good luck with Mount TBR (as well as BTB)! And I’m sure we all have that one book we’ve had forever and haven’t read 😉

  2. This sounds like a great idea, I’ll have to think about joining though, since I can’t really make a list of books that I want to read, since I suck at sticking to my list.

    • You could always decide HOW MANY books you want to read and make a tentative list that can be changed throughout. I know my current TBR list for this challenge is DEFINITELY going to be changing. It’s not so much a matter of WHAT you read (that’s just so you have something to check off lol) but more about lowering that TBR stack. 🙂

  3. I love this idea! Glad it’s not for 2017 releases cos I wanna read older stuff on my TBR first lol. I’m so in. I’ll post to The Procrastinate Reader tomorrow a tentative list!

  4. jjmcgaffey

    I’ll join in – I’ve been doing this for a couple years and failing – reading some BOMBs (Books Off My Bookshelf), but not hitting my 50-BOMB goal. This year I’m doing better than usual, I’m up to 28 so far… I’ll make a list on my LibraryThing profile and link to it, later. But I guarantee that list won’t match reality – I tend to actively avoid reading what I’m “supposed” to, even when it’s me doing the supposing.

    • That works! I don’t I likely won’t be sticking exactly to my TBR list but the main thing about this challenge is accomplishing your own personal goal so do whatever you need to do that! 🙂

  5. i am so glad this is a thing! i always *mean* to go back to older releases on my TBR but it never happens and now, with this in mind, i can do that! yay! signed up and so excited to start!

  6. Such a good idea! This is what I’m (attempting to) do this November and December! But I’m already kind of failing haha. Will see if I can participate in 2017 🙂

  7. I’ll definitely join in on this reading challenge! I’ll need to do some serious thinking about which books I should add from my TBR, as there’s just so many! I’ll link up my post when I have it up. 🙂

    • Awesome! And don’t feel like your TBR list has to be set in stone. It’s just something to aim for and can always be changed! (I know I’ll likely be changing mine up quite a bit) ^_^

  8. I love this idea! 😀 It’ll definitely help me get through a lot of books I’ve abandoned over the years in favour of newer ones. I’m totally in. I’ll start creating my tentative list and will upload it as soon as I have it.

  9. Misty

    I signed up on Monday but I’m still not showing up on the list? Did I not do it right? Do I need to do it again?