The Epic List of 2019 Bookish Goals and Resolutions

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Well hello, my bookish friends. It’s that time of year again when we come up with all sorts of goals and resolutions that will get forgotten about by March we’ll totally reach by the end of the year!

Every December, I sit down and think about all the things that went well and (more often) didn’t go well in the past year and how I want to improve them. And most of the time, these goals and resolutions revolve around books in some way because blogging and talking books is a big part of my life. With that, I give you my epic list of things I want to accomplish in 2019!



I always set some sort of reading goal as well as sub goals and this year is no different. Will I hit these? I have no idea. And many of these also overlap so there’s that.

Read 100 books in 2019. This past year, I set my goal at 365 because the previous year went so well. And then I read less than a third of that and had to lower it. So for 2019, I want to make it a challenge, but a reasonable challenge.

Read 1 backlist book for every 1 new release. This might be tough initially while I catch up on review books but I want to even out my reading

Read 50 books off my shelf. Meaning 50 books that I owned PRIOR to 2019 that I haven’t read yet. I have hundreds. Shouldn’t be an issue.

Read (and review) 20 backlog titles. Oh, NetGalley. When I came back from my college hiatus I forgot how easy it is to go overboard requesting eARCs and I’m still paying for it so. . . that’s on here.

(Attempt to) read 5 YA contemporaries. I don’t like the genre. I can count on one hand the YA contemporary novels I actually enjoyed. And the number I didn’t is easily triple that. But I want to keep expanding my reading and have a few books I think are important to at least try.

Reading Challenges

Along with my personal reading goals, I’ll be participating in a few reading challenges, both formally and informally.

Beat the Backlist

This is my own reading challenge here on NovelKnight. The goal is to simply read books on your TBR that are considered “backlist.” In this case, it’s anything published in 2018 or earlier. I have 24 books I’m planning to read next year for this challenge but hope to add more to that list!

A to Z Challenge

There are a few variations of this challenge floating around where you read a book that has a title starting with each letter of the alphabet for 26 books total. I’m not signing up for any one challenge but going to track this in my new planner from Little Inkling Designs which has a place for it. Just for fun!

Goodreads Challenge

I’ll be matching my GR challenge to my total books read goal of 100 and just leaving it at that. I think I can reach that since I’m nearly at 100 books for 2018 and it was a rough year.


On the Blog

Post 3 times a week minimum. I totally slacked off on the blog this year but really want to get back to it and make sure I’m posting at least one book review a week because I have so many books to read!

Update the pre-order incentive page weekly (when applicable). I do try to do this now but sometimes it gets away from me. But I know it’s a popular page so I want to make sure it has the most up-to-date info I can provide.

Do NOT update the blog theme every few months. I am terrible about this. Horrible. I can’t seem to find one theme that fits me and my vision for this blog and I THINK I have it now? But even if I don’t I can’t just keep changing it over and over so personal goal here.


Review books within 1 week of finishing them. I am SO so bad about not reviewing books right away and then they all build up and I get stressed and end up in a slump where I’m not reading or reviewing anything. Not. Good. Really need to stick to this one.

Increase NetGalley feedback ratio to 100%. I’m proud of myself that I’m in the 80’s right now but I want to hit that 100% mark in 2019, clear out my backlog and be able to request at my leisure without feeling pressure or guilt.

Get approved for 5 books on Edelweiss. I almost NEVER get approved on Edelweiss for anything. Like ever. Complete opposite on NetGalley. But EW has titles that aren’t on NG and I’d like to finally hit that point where I can at least get approved for SOME things on EW. Maybe. Hopefully.



I’ve been working really hard at improving my bookstagram page, focusing on photo quality and captions to improve engagement. The more people looking at my photos, the more people are seeing books I love and want to promote!

Reach 6000 followers. I mean, ideally, I’ll hit 10,000 so I can finally use the link share in insta stories (pretty much my sole reason for wanting to hit 10K) but I want to make this a realistic goal. I gained well over 2000 followers this year so I want to set that same pace for next year!

Post 3 times a day, every day. I do this now as much as possible and it works well for me so I want to keep it going.

At least one post each day highlights a backlist book. As part of my effort to be more involved in my own reading challenge, I want to share a backlist book recommendation or highlight a book I’m excited to read each day on my instagram so other readers can discover it too!

Take photos at least a day in advance. I stress myself out so much right now because I don’t have a lot of time and end up taking my photos the morning I post them, in the early hours of the morning before work. It’s not fun and I want to enjoy sharing so starting to plan more in advance is the plan.

Comment on at least 75% of the posts I like. I’m really good at scrolling through my feed and liking photos but not so good about leaving a comment too. It’s usually late at night, I don’t want to put a lot of effort in, and so I’m not interacting as much as I could be. Something I’d like to change.


I think that’s more than enough to keep me busy in 2019!

Let’s Chat!

Do you set goals for yourself each year? What do you hope to accomplish in 2019?


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16 responses to “The Epic List of 2019 Bookish Goals and Resolutions

  1. Good luck! These are some ambitious goals. I tried really hard with #Bookstagram this year, but it’s hard to find time to take photos. I think I only have 200 followers because I can’t be consistent. I post a lot, and then disappear and lose all of my followers.

    • It can be really tough sometimes. I’ve found I can post more now because I can take my photos at night or before work, even when it’s dark out (bright white light bulbs are a blessing lol) and that’s helped a LOT. I’ve also been trying to take extra photos each time so I have extras in case I can’t post on a particular day. Both have helped with the consistency and, in turn, the following and engagement.

  2. Awesome goals! I love the idea of trying to read one backlist for every new release. My own person goal for next year is actually read a few series all the way through. I have a very bad habit of reading book one and then taking two years to get to the next book.

    I’m so glad to hear someone else has a frustrating time on Edelweiss! When I first started, I heard that it was way easier to get approved on Edelweiss over NetGalley, but the exact opposite has proven true.

    • i have a lot of series where I got swamped with other books and never read the last book so that’s one of my “unlisted” goals!

      Ugh YES Edelweiss is such a struggle. NetGalley is 10X easier for me than EW but I’m determined to have SOME success on there haha

  3. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    Wow, those are some mighty goals. I hope you reach them without stressing yourself much. I have some goals too and maybe I will write a post on them as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Holy cow! I am exhausted just thinking about your Instagram goals, but go get em! I hope you get that 10K! I like the read one backlist for every new release. I started a feature, One Old, One New, which forces me to read backlist, and so far, it’s been awesome. 100% NG ratio — that’s a forgotten dream for me. I know there are books I will never read on my shelf there, but I did read one of my oldest ARCs today. I was impressed.

    • Lol they’re not too bad. The followers will just have to happen, don’t have much control over that, but I already post 3 times a day so just trying to keep it going!!

      I run the Beat the Backlist reading challenge here at NovelKnight to help promote reading backlist titles as much as new releases so I’ll be using my own challenge as motivation!

      I THINK the 100% is achievable. . . eventually lol. It’s a goal and would be nice to hit!

  5. So many goals! I haven’t been posting a lot this year or last year because of grad school, but now I am DONE! I am excited to get back into blogging. I just signed up for your Beat the Backlist challenge, but that is all I have really thought about goal wise for next year. I also want to thank you for the pre-order campaign information. Very helpful! 🙂

  6. Reading: I did the same with setting my goal. I drastically lowered it because I wasn’t feeling so great about myself after leaving a job so I didn’t read for a long time. Now is when I’ve gotten back into reading. You have hundreds of books you haven’t read on your shelves!? Girl. I have like twenty. I can never get to 100% only 99% because some very old NetGalley books I never read aren’t available anywhere. But I want to get as close to 100% as possible. A YA contemporary that I think you’ll love: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen.
    Challenges: I’m around the same number of backlisted books. I also want to do the A to Z challenge but I’ll see if I can get to it. I put my goal low to reading 25 books total.
    Reviewing: Same! I’m good right now at reviewing books since I’ve started getting back into reading. I’ve got to keep the momentum going.
    Bookstagram: THREE TIMES A DAY!!?
    For Blog goals I just want to keep consistent and always think about new discussions or things to add to the blog. For bookish goals I just want to read as much as I can and complete my challenges.

    • Yeah. ..I have a habit of buying books. ..a lot. And then I don’t always get around to reading them 😂

      I’m PRETTY sure I can hit 100% in the terms of what’s available for review. Many of the titles are archived now but I downloaded everything to my Kindle so it’s just a matter of providing coverage.

      I’ll check out the YA contemporary. Thanks!

      I think the A to Z challenge fits within my backlist goals and reading goals overall so I don’t think I’ll have to do any “extra” reading to meet it.

      Lol and yes, I post on instagram 3 times a day most days. Sometimes it’s only 2 if I’m not feeling well it super busy but I currently aim for 3 and want to keep that momentum going!

      I wish you the best of luck with your goals and hope you’re able to achieve them all!