TBR Tackling & Backlist Busting: Goals for Beat the Backlist

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It’s weird writing a post to sign up for your own challenge 😅

Hello everyone, I hope you’re are having a lovely day. I’m here on this wintery morning to share what I hope will become a list of read books by the end of 2019! The Beat the Backlist reading challenge kicks off again in January which means another year of attempting to read books off my shelves.

Beat the Backlist is a challenge focused on reading backlist books (no way, it’s right in the name!). You can set your own reading goal and TBR, and change it whenever you want. The only restrictions are that books have to be published in the prior year or earlier (so 2018 releases and earlier), and you have to start AND finish the book in 2019 to count it.

And that’s it! The rest is up to you. Now there are lots of little fun things you can do with the challenge to stay motivated but I’ll let you go exploring on the challenge page for those.

2019 Beat the Backlist Challenge

These past two years I’ve failed at my own reading challenge (don’t ask how that happened because I’m not really sure either). But with 2019 comes a new mindset about blogging and reviewing that I hope will take some of the stress off and make it more enjoyable as it used to be.


I am only putting 24 books on my Beat the Backlist TBR list this year. I know I’ll read more than 24 total but I don’t want to restrict myself too much because that’s what caused all the stress and anxiety with ARCs the last couple years so best to avoid that nonsense.

2018 Releases

The Brilliant Death / An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason / Damsel / Wildcard
These Rebel Waves / A Reaper at the Gates / Onyx and Ivory / Children of Blood and Bone
Heart of Iron / The Queen’s Rising / A Conspiracy of Stars / Unearthed

Pre-2018 Titles

This Mortal Coil / Devils & ThievesBefore She Ignites
The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and VirtueScytheTimekeeperThe Girl at Midnight
TalonThe Iron ThornThe SummoningMagic BitesVicious

Additional Goals

I also have a few sub-goals for Beat the Backlist that I’m hoping to hit over the course of the year.

Read 50 books off my shelves

My shelves are overflowing with unread backlist books so there’s no reason to get any more. I know I WILL buy more books, I always do, but I want to set a goal of reading 50 of the books I already own. The ones on my TBR are all books I already have and many are series (and I own most if not all the books in the series too) so theoretically this should be easy.

Read & Review 20 Backlog Review Books

My backlog of review books is. . . not good. When I returned to ARC reviewing after an extended hiatus, I went a little request crazy on NetGalley which I’m still paying for (life just got in the way after that). Ideally I want to reach 100% for my feedback ratio at the end of 2019. We shall see. . .

(Attempt to) Read 5 YA contemporaries

I don’t like the genre, not usually at least, but there are some important titles in it that I think would make me a more rounded reader. I might not get through them, I don’t know, but I want to attempt 5.

I’m hoping that my sub-goals sort of just. . . happen based on my usual reading habits but it’ll be something to work on!

I’ll be participating in the Hogwarts House Mini Challenge for Team Slytherin!

That’s it for my TBR! Can’t wait to start reading and looking forward to all the amazing backlist books y’all will read and rec this coming year!

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Are you participating in the BTB challenge? Have you read any of the books on my TBR? Thoughts to share?


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11 responses to “TBR Tackling & Backlist Busting: Goals for Beat the Backlist

    • Thanks! I find that having smaller goals within this challenge helps me focus better, especially since this challenge is so broad (purposely so but still)

  1. I’ll definitely be signing up again! I failed both the last years too, but oh well…it doesn’t hurt to keep trying. I do think your advice about stepping back and adjusting is really important. I did that with my overall reading goal this year and STILL am struggling to keep up. I think I’ve finally managed to somewhat get back into a groove with reading and reviewing though…I hope. Also, I’m really glad to see I’m not the only one who has had some 2015/2016 books on the TBR since they came out…haha!

    • I’ve spent 8 years blogging and the last 2 have been the most anxiety-causing stressful years of them all with trying to read on a schedule based on books for review and never really getting the chance to read all the other books I want to try. This shouldn’t be a stressful hobby and I’m done with trying to please everyone because it wasn’t productive.

      And yes! Actually my “full” TBR on Goodreads has a lot of earlier titles from 2012-2016 but I decided to split my official BTB TBR between 2018 releases and older stuff to balance it out.

  2. I spy Damsel on your list! I hope you enjoy it <3 I definitely need to read Vicious as well. I'm not yet sure how many books I'll be adding to my own TBR. I've set a small space on my bokshelf for all my unread, backlisted books. About time I prioritize them 🙂

    • Yes! I wanted to read Damsel since I heard about it! And I wasn’t sure how many books o wanted either so intent with a safe number and can always add

    • Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your list! And don’t worry too much about what books you add, you can always change it throughout the year!