Dear Teen Me

2018 marks the 7th year of blogging for me and it feels like yesterday that I was a teen book blogger trying to make sense of this community and blogging in general. Seven years seems like a magical number so this year I’m going to do a blog series of all the things (I can think of) that I wish I could have told my teen blogger self.

This blog series is not intended to be what I think ALL (teen) book bloggers should do or know, but what I wish I could tell myself. But I do hope that these posts are helpful to some of y’all (or at least start a decent discussion. . . one can hope).

I’ll be linking all the posts here so you can find them later on. Can’t wait to share with y’all!

  1. Knowing Why You Blog is Important
  2. Your (Blogging) Stats Matter, But YOU Matter More

Are you a new blogger who wants to know more about a particular topic?

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