Dreaming of the Ultimate Book Promoter Database

POSTED ON April 8, 2018 BY Austine IN Discussion

There is absolutely no purpose to this post beyond wishful thinking on my part and a desire to share this dream with y’all. Recently I was talking with Lili of Utopia State of Mind about how publishing houses have their lists of bloggers and those lists probably have many of the same bloggers on them, especially within the YA world. I’ve also been getting those periodic emails with forms from publishing houses that asks us to update our stats and any other changes in relation to requesting books. So I got to thinking. . . there has to be an easier way to do this. 

And so I started on my path of wishful thinking.

What if there was a database of all the book promoters out there?


Not just any database either. Think something along the lines of a dating website where publishers and authors could find book promoters to help spread the word about their titles.

So here is my dream.

Each book promoter (book blogger, bookstagrammer, booktuber, etc.) could create a profile on this online database which would include space for the following:

  • An “About” section with a brief bio
  • Places to add any and all possible social media links (where they’ll create hyperlinks on the front end to make for easy navigation)
    • And with those a field to include your stats/follower count
  • What genres you review or promote
  • A place to include an abbreviated review policy
  • How to contact you / place to add a mailing address
  • Any other promotional features you offer (interviews, guest posts, spotlights, etc.)
  • An option to select if you’re accepting requests, accepting limited requests, not accepting, etc.

This profile could then be updated as needed so that all parties have the most recent information rather than only updating lists every few months/every year.

I’m also imagining settings where you could decide to keep your profile private, make it viewable only to verified publishers/authors, public, or anything in between. This would also apply to personal information such as mailing addresses. Sort of combining some of the elements from NetGalley and dating websites into one place for all book promoters to be listed.

And if it were possible, I think it’d be really cool to be able to connect your blog’s RSS feed to your account so that it shows your most recent post(s) on your database profile for others to check out.

Obviously this would be an optional thing (if it ever existed) but it’d be cool if publishers and authors could also have accounts and use the database to contact book promoters that they may not have seen/heard about otherwise. Each of the options for the profile would be searchable so that those looking for promoters could find everyone who reviews/promotes that genre, who’s open to requests, and so on.

I know there are sites out there that have book bloggers listed but I like the idea of having something that would be more widely used, can be updated by YOU when needed, and also have the option to remove your information if you want (in case you no longer want featured, are no longer promoting books, whatever the reason may be).

It’s all wishful thinking and if I had the tech skills to put something together like this and had enough hope that it would work, I SO would. Until then, I will share my dream with y’all. 🙂


What do you think? Anyone sharing the dream?

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9 responses to “Dreaming of the Ultimate Book Promoter Database

  1. I love this idea, would make everything so much easier on all sides. No more chasing down names of contacts at publishing houses, and also easier for the publishers to connect with bloggers that would cover certain books, instead of wasting time sending out books that won’t be reviews since they don’t meet said bloggers genre type.

  2. It would most definitely make things much easier 😀
    I have signed up for some lists for review stuff, tours, etc, but in all fairness I don’t even remember to which ones…

  3. I am having a very similar idea in my mind. Plus I am trying to work on it for all creators. Not only just book bloggers, but in general all sorts of creators and influencers.

  4. Such a cool idea! It could also be such a help to bloggers just starting out, too. A profile like that would help guide what stats they should track and put them in sight of smaller publishers/indie authors as a way to gain some experience. A blogger can dream, right?! 🙂