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Will You Take the Iron Throne?

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Welcome to the #IronThroneReadalong!

With the end of Game of Thrones (the show), Aly from Of Wonderland and I were chatting and realized that not only had she never finished the book series, but I really wanted to re-read the books after Season 8 made a mess of things (we’re just not going to talk about it). We realized doing a readalong together might be fun, and even more fun if we made it a community event!

This readathon is intended for NEW and RETURNING readers. Whether you’re reading the books for the first time or returning to Westeros, everyone is welcome!


The Readalong

We’ll be tackling the first 5 books of The Song of Ice and Fire series (with fingers crossed for a 6th book soon!) over the course of 34 weeks. Why so long? WELL all us readers have lives and these books are dense so we wanted to keep it casual and space things out. Each week will be broken up by chapters and cover approximately 150 pages of reading.

Additionally once we get to books 4 and 5, we’ll be setting it up so that you can either read the books in order, or read 4 and 5 as a “combined” book. But we’ll talk about that closer to those later weeks in the readalong.

The full readalong will run from June 2, 2019 to January 25, 2019

The schedule for the first book, A Game of Thrones, is below!

A GAME OF THRONES (Book 1) Reading Schedule

June 2 to June 8 → Prologue – Chapter 15
June 9 to June 15 → Chapter 16 – Chapter 29
June 16 to June 22 → Chapter 30 – Chapter 41
June 23 to June 29 → Chapter 42 – Chapter 55
June 30 to July 6 → Chapter 56 – Chapter 72


How to Join

Interested in joining? Share your intentions to take the Iron Throne (just mention you’re joining the readathon) somewhere publicly online! This can be in a blog post, a social media post, whatever works for you. Make sure to use the readalong hashtag #IronThroneReadalong and don’t forget to link back to the hosts in some way!

Once you’ve signed up, you can add your preferred name and sign-up link to the form below!

Add your Sign Up link to the form below!


Tracking Spreadsheet

You know how much I love spreadsheets! Because this readalong is so long, I set up a tracking spreadsheet where you can mark which chapters/weeks you’ve completed to stay on top of your reading! You don’t have to use it, of course, it’s just a resource available to you if you’d like!

Check out the spreadsheet and make a copy!


Discord Chat

We wanted to create a space for everyone to chat that wasn’t limited to Twitter or Facebook or the like, where you could share spoilers but also hide them so that everyone can enjoy the conversation, and where the readalong can become more of a community.

Enter Discord! We will have a server set up for the #IronThroneReadalong where everyone is welcome. You’ll be able to chat about the chapters each week, the show if you’re (re)watching, and the books in general. Additionally, we’re setting up channels for each Westerosi House to talk! Are you a Targaryen at heart? Find others who feel the same! (As much as I love dragons, I’m a Stark, myself)

The Discord link will be live closer to the start of the readalong!


Discussion Check-Ins

Every couple weeks, Aly and I will be checking in with everyone with a blog post discussion! These will follow events from the chapters read in the previous two weeks and may alternate blogs (so make sure you’re following both Aly on Of Wonderland and me!).

These will NOT be summary posts about what we read (because who wants to read a synopsis) but we’ll have links to where you can find summaries online. They’re more to bring everyone together to chat about themes and other topics that come up while reading. This is separate from the Discord server!


Did I Mention the Giveaway?!

Aly and I want to thank everyone who joins the readalong with us so we will be hosting a giveaway  that will be open for the entire readalong. You’ll be able to earn daily/weekly entries and one lucky winner will take home the prize once the readalong is over. The only rule is you must participate in the readalong to be eligible to win.

Oh, and it will be open INTERNATIONALLY!

What’s the prize, you ask? Well we wanted it to be special so ONE WINNER will receive the leather-bound box set of the series!*

*Please note that due to the length of the giveaway, we are hopeful but can’t guarantee that this box set will still be available. If that happens, we will work with the winner to establish a different appropriate prize.


Interested in Joining?

A reminder that this readalong is for EVERYONE, whether you’ve read the series or not. You do NOT need to have a blog or anything of the sort, and you’re always welcome to jump in whenever you want, read ahead, etc. This is about bringing a community together to read the series

Can’t see the form? Click here!


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9 responses to “Iron Throne Readalong | Read the Game of Thrones Books with Us!

    • It definitely feels like everything has been all Game of Thrones, all the time lately haha. Hopefully things calm down a bit now that the show has ended

    • I’m in the same boat! I haven’t read them since the last book released so I’m excited to return to the world in all its detailed epicness lol

  1. Perfect timing! I’ve been wanting to reread and couldn’t convince myself to find the time. This’ll keep me motivated.