11 Paranormal Shows to Watch this Halloween

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Now while I know we all love our books but sometimes it’s nice to sit back and marathon a TV show for a while. . . or a week.

Your preference!

And while I’m not big on the scary horror shows, I do like paranormal so here’s a list of shows to check out if you’re feeling spooky!

Now I’m sure you’re expecting to see Supernatural on this list and you wouldn’t be wrong! I initially watched this show because my college roommate kept referencing it and I got tired of not understanding. I love the first 5 seasons and after that it was a bit hit or miss for me but such is how it goes with shows. If you like a little bit of everything (and then some) then I think you’ll enjoy this show!

And keeping with the “everything” vibe, the original slayer Buffy is a must-watch! Granted vampires are the primary focus but Buffy deals with all sorts of supernatural monsters and there are plenty of episodes to watch. Always important for a marathon weekend! I watched it years ago but I think a re-watch might be in order soon!

Now VAMPIRES. . . that counts as spooky, right? You have all sorts of shows to choose from like True Blood. Definitely not safe for the faint of heart, this graphic HBO original is a spin on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris though being a fan of both the show and book series, it only sticks to the books for the first few seasons or so then it goes haywire. But if you like gory vampires, you can’t go wrong with this one!

On the more “YA” side, the CW tried its hand at adapting the Vampire Diaries book series into a show. I enjoyed it for a while (Team Damon, of course) as I read the books first, but I quickly gave up on the books and just watched the show.

And then there’s the spin-off series, The Originals, which is actually the only show on here that I haven’t watched more than a handful of episodes here and there. My family loves it, though, so I’m sure I’ll watch it someday.

Now for those of you who want to flirt with horror, I HIGHLY recommend Penny Dreadful. This show is all sorts of messed up but in the best way. It takes popular literary figures (Victor Frankenstein and his monster, Dorian Grey, etc) and puts a darker twist on their stories as they all interact with each other in this Victorian-era world. It’s only 3 seasons long but definitely one of my favorite spooky shows.

Salem is another good one for that, one I watched on a whim but was pleasantly surprised by. It’s about the Salem witch trials, as you might have guessed by the title, and there are definitely real witches in Salem this time around. And oh yes, this version is dark and twisted, not one to watch late at night.

But on a lighter note, you could always watch Sabrina, the Teenage Witch! Spooky and scary it’s not, but it’s a fun family-friendly show that has plenty of witchy vibes of course. And who says Halloween has to be scary!

I promise I’m not leaving out my zombie-loving friends here. I’m sure The Walking Dead is on many show lists but I haven’t watched it. But The Santa Clarita Diet? I’ve watched that one! It’s a comedic approach to zombies that I actually didn’t mind and on Netflix so you don’t have to wait for the next episode or deal with commercials.

A couple more recommendations before I leave you to your TV show marathoning!

I just started Riverdale and it’s got ALL the mysterious spooky vibes. I think it’ll be a good addition to the Halloween show list for next year! And I also watched Sleepy Hollow not too long ago that was a very cool re-telling of the tale. I watched the first 3 seasons then it got kind of strange so I didn’t bother with the last one (but recommend those first 3)!

Now if anyone asks you what they should watch this Halloween, you have plenty of recommendations to share!


What are some of your favorite spooky shows? See any on the list you’ve watched or want to watch?

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9 responses to “11 Paranormal Shows to Watch this Halloween

  1. wait_huh

    I’ve just been thinking that I need to rewatch The Vampire Diaries (Damon FTW), and I think next week the spin-off of The Originals starts on the CW – I’ll also be watching that one.
    I need to catch up on Riverdale, too!

    I’d recommend In The Flesh, for another interesting take on zombies (damn BBC executives for cancelling it!). It was fantastic! <3

  2. Anne

    Being Human was a good TV series from BBC that I watched a long time ago. Medium and Ghost Whisperer are other ones I’ve liked more in the past too.

  3. Jaime Krause

    I used to watch Supernatural but hated where they went with it after the third season.
    Same with TrueBlood.

    My fave ‘spooky’ show — though it’s less spooky and more simply supernatural — would be ‘Roswell.’ I have all the books too.

  4. Supernatural is the bomb I’ve watched every season! But I do agree the first 5 ish seasons were the best. I’ve been watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. Very scary but it’s really good!!

  5. Danielle Hammelef

    I don’t watch much TV, except to catch the news and weather. I guess the news lately has been very scary.

  6. John Smith

    My favorite here is “Buffy.” I keep watching “Supernatural,” but I think maybe it ran out of gas several seasons ago? I gave up on the Vampire Diaries after two or three seasons.