Re-Read Review | The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer

In which we discover the lost city of Atlantis!. . . Sort of

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Re-Read Review | The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer
The Atlantis Complex
by Eoin Colfer
Series: Artemis Fowl #7
Published on July 20, 2010 (original) by Disney Hyperion
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Young Adult


Young Artemis has frequently used high-tech fairy magic to mastermind the most devious criminal activity of the new century. Now, at a conference in Iceland, Artemis has gathered the fairies to present his latest idea to save the world from global warming.

But Artemis is behaving strangely - he seems different. Something terrible has happened to him . . . Artemis Fowl has become nice.

The fairies diagnose Atlantis Complex (that’s obsessive compulsive disorder to you and I) - it seems dabbling in magic has damaged Artemis’ main weapon: his mind. Fairy ally Captain Holly Short doesn’t know what to do. The subterranean volcanoes are under attack from vicious robots and Artemis cannot fight them. Can Holly get the real Artemis back before the robot probes destroy every human and life form?

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

As the series begins to draw to a close with The Atlantis Complex as the second to last book, I see the story spiraling in all different directions and not necessarily in the good way.

Throughout the Artemis Fowl books, my favorite part has always been Artemis’s genius schemes (whether they’re for good or evil). But in the seventh book, he loses that entirely and develops a case of Atlantis Complex resulting in two different personalities. The newest one, Orion, is quite insufferable (as most of the characters would likely agree) but because much of the story dealt with him rather than Artemis proper, we lost all the things I love about this series.

I usually say that The Lost Colony is my least favorite of the series but The Atlantis Complex is a VERY close second. It’s so over the top! And that’s saying something for these books because they’re already pretty out there. The stakes are lost here, the bad guy’s more a joke than anything, and the plot stumbling along to some sort of conclusion. 

It’s a filler book, in truth, before the final Artemis Fowl showdown that is The Last Guardian. None of the characters felt like themselves. The humor was washed up or re-used from previous books and everything felt terribly disconnected.

I always hoped that after The Time Paradox Artemis would have another grand scheme to lead into the final book but this takes all of that away. And, goodness, I love recommending this series, and the final book is decent, but the latter books make it difficult when reading one after the other.

There’s also the fact that I’m re-reading this almost a decade after it released (when last I read it I was a young teen). So I wouldn’t say that doesn’t impact my thoughts now.

The Atlantis Complex is entertaining enough but not in the context of the overall series story arc. 


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