Review – Highland Deception by Lori Ann Bailey

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Review – Highland Deception by Lori Ann Bailey
Highland Deception
by Lori Ann Bailey
Series: Highland Pride #1
Published on August 22, 2016 by Entangled Publishing LLC
Format: eARC
Pages: 222
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance

Scotland, August 1642

Maggie and Lachlan must fight their growing attraction, battling suspicion and intrigue as religious and political turmoil threaten to tear their clans apart.

He has sworn he will never marry.

Lachlan Cameron is honor bound to see a wounded lass to safety, although he has well learned women are deceivers, and this lovely maid harbors a wealth of secrets. But Maggie's free spirit and charms enthrall him while he works to discover if she is innocent…or a spy scheming with his enemies to destroy his clan.

She has sworn she will never fall in love.

Maggie Murray fled her home to avoid a political marriage to an abusive man. Salvation comes when the Cameron laird, unaware of her identity, protects her as she escapes. His kindness slowly warms her, and she’s tempted to confess her real name. But his strong sense of honor would force him to return her to her father…and torment at the hands of her scorned betrothed.

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Knight's Judgment
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I think the universe is telling me Scotland is the place to be. Having just finished Outlander, I needed to curb my new obsession with another Scottish tale and I happened to have Highland Deception awaiting on my Kindle. It’s safe to say that fans of the aforementioned book will love this historical romance set in seventeenth-century Scotland.

Maggie is the daughter of a duke and set to wed a man she despises, so naturally she runs away. On the road, she ends up in the traveling group of the Cameron Clan laird on their way to his home. Cue instant attraction and the lovebirds’ inability to keep their hands off each other.

Most of why I liked this book lies with Outlander, which is probably a bit of an odd thing to say. Claire (O) had healing skills from her time as a nurse. Maggie (HD) was trained in the healing arts by her family. Lachlan (HD) is a Scottish laird with no intentions of marrying. Jamie (O) certainly never planned to marry Claire. Both Claire and Maggie are running away from men who wish them harm. The general relationship that brings both sets of characters together felt so familiar and I fell back into Scotland again.

For those of you who haven’t read Outlander, you’ll enjoy this book if you like possessive Scottish men, a defiant heroine, and traveling-companions-on-the-road chemistry. I liked Maggie and Lachlan separately but together, they had a tendency to jump to conclusions immediately and act rashly a moment later. At first, I took that as part of their personalities but the frequency of it became more of a plot device. Maggie shifted between simpering innocent and feisty lady depending on who she is around. Lachlan is every bit the possessive brute, scorned by a woman and distrustful of the whole sex. It’s mentioned that he’s a good and considerate listener of the “fairer sex” but the only example that I really saw of this is that he let his sister do as she pleased (though you never meet the sister).

The story itself was sound but I wanted less of the two characters talking about how much they wanted to get with the other and more story/fire, either would have been fine. I felt like those moments could have been summarized and the story moved forward by defining the characters better or possibly exploring a side character more. The last part I mentioned because this is (according to the cover, at the very least) the first in a series so I’m expecting to see someone return in the next book. I have a few guesses but because none were given a strong light, it could be just about any of them.

For a Highland romance, Highland Deception is a lighthearted tale of happy endings and sizzling chemistry. I’d highly recommend it to fans of Outlander seeking something to quell the obsession. I’ll be keeping an eye out for other books in this series. I have a feeling they’ll be good.

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