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Alright. I need to be honest on this one. I loved this book but at the same time. . . I didn’t.

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

My love for Neill’s books started with her Chicagoland Vampire series (highly recommend, same genre and all that) and I really enjoyed both The Veil and The Sight. All in all, that set the bar pretty high for The Hunt.

The beginning was too slow. This series doesn’t have the same level of humor, nor the quickness of the Chicagoland Vamps books and that’s totally okay. Different characters, entirely different (and a shade darker) world. But there’s normal slow and too slow. The Hunt bordered on the latter, taking over half the book to really pick up for me. I could feel the build-up, I knew it was coming, but the wait took too long and when everything exploded and pieces came together, I didn’t care as much as I wanted to.

Part of this is definitely because of Claire and Liam, to be fair. This book starts a little over a month after The Sight and Claire has to spend a chunk of time finding Liam in the first place after he disappeared at the end of the second book. And then they have the angsty stubbornness for another large chunk as Liam refuses to talk to Claire and she doesn’t do anything about it. The whole time I’m here wondering when the heck they’re going to hook up because if it didn’t happen in this book I would be a very unhappy reader (and no, I won’t be spoiling it and telling you if they did or not). Their relationship dragged things out a bit and, combined with the plot, left the first 75% or so of the book a bit slow.

But. . . BUT. . . then it took off. A roller coaster of action and mystery and plots and secrets and all the good stuff. So despite the pacing of the story, which really is my only complaint with this book, it turned into another great installment.

Neill is masterful with her character creation. I have yet to meet one that isn’t flawed and fully dimensional, as if I could walk up to them on the street and have a conversation. Claire remains one of my favorite urban fantasy heroines. She’s smart and tough, not in the brawny way but in her attitude. She’s a survivor and does what needs to be done. But she’s also vulnerable and beautifully human.

This series is definitely not over yet and after the ending to this one, I’m definitely eager for book 4! As a side note, make sure to read these books in order. Neill does a nice job of recapping previous events early enough that if you haven’t read the other books in a while, you’ll be alright, but you definitely want to start from book 1.

Don’t miss out on the latest action in NOLA with The Hunt! And if you haven’t already, check out her other books because they’re all fabulous and I can’t recommend them enough!

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