Review – Hunter by Sarai Henderson

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Review – Hunter by Sarai Henderson
by Sarai Henderson
Published on August 13, 2016 by Evernight Teen
Format: eBook
Pages: 192
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense/Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Hunter belongs to the Telepathic Alliance for the Latent or Newly manifested, otherwise known as Talon, a bounty hunter community known for their ruthless tactics. Her latest mission in San Diego was supposed to be a piece of cake, but when the job takes a treacherous and deadly turn, not even her telepathic abilities could have warned her of the dangers lurking around the corner.

There is only one place for Hunter to go, and that is straight into the hands of the government and their Psychic Intelligence Team, but even the “normal” world isn’t safe. With each passing hour throwing her deeper into the game of life and death, Hunter must decide who to trust before this mission becomes her last.

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

Sometimes size does matter. And for Hunter I’d say it’s one of those times. This quick read blew by in an afternoon, packed with action that easily hooked me.

Hunter is a teen bounty hunter (as in she’s still pretty damn young for the profession). Her boss puts her on a mission only she can do and suddenly there’s a target on her back and the hunter has become the hunted. But perhaps the other group isn’t like she’s been told…

The first thing that stuck with me about Hunter is the length. Which, in an ideal world, shouldn’t matter if the story is good. In this case, I constantly felt rushed through each scene. Henderson drifted far into the land of “telling” instead of “showing,” which made reading far less interesting. I think the author did an excellent job of keeping me in the now due to a lack of details around anything else. So that worked in favor of the book sometimes…and sometimes not.

This rushed writing affects the rest of the aspects of the book including the characters. I’m sure Hunter would be intriguing but you’re so busy reading in the now that there’s no time to take a step back and really get into her head. I never knew enough about her to get on Team Hunter. She gave off a serious “Chosen One” vibe but in the way that she’s the only one who seems to be good at her job… except she isn’t. Like we’re talking about a teenager sent out to kill people because she can hear their thoughts. Great premise! But Hunter herself is all over the place, switching sides, trusting and not trusting people — very wishy-washy. I wanted the advertised bounty hunter and that just wasn’t Hunter.

As with the other characters, they never made their impacts either — except to die? I’m sorry but were all the deaths really necessary? Especially the ending. By that point they felt like gimicks to keep the reader hooked but I honestly would’ve rather had more depth to the people and the world. That’s what I’m reading for.

Now I should probably mention that despite these issues, Hunter is a decent read. If you don’t mind missing out on the world-building then this is a great book for you. Henderson has a captivating writing style that had me turning pages with ease. Plus, the paranormal twist with the telepaths was a cool way to go since you don’t see just telepaths/psychics in a story (alone). Overall, I actually really liked the general plot and would definitely read more but the execution just wasn’t enough for me. I craved the detail and didn’t get that here.

I do recommend this book to my fellow urban fantasy readers, however, and would certainly read more from this author based on the writing alone. There’s a lot of good hidden in Hunter but it wasn’t quite was I was hoping for in the end.

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