Book Review | Lady in Demand by Wendy Vella

Cheesy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

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Book Review | Lady in Demand by Wendy Vella
Lady in Demand
by Wendy Vella
Series: The Langley Sisters #2
Published on May 23, 2014 by Vella Ink
Format: eBook
Pages: 187
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance

The Willful Miss Langley

Miss Phoebe Langley doesn't fit into society. She’s willful and outspoken. Oh, and she once earned her living as a highwayman. Not the type of scandalous behavior appropriate for a debutante. She's also secretly in business with Viscount Finneous Levermarch’s younger brother, risking his scorn and disapproval. But the arrogant Viscount’s low opinion of her doesn't matter. Phoebe will risk anything, even his wrath, if it means she can maintain her independence.

The Disapproving Viscount Levermarch

Finn has never known anyone like Phoebe Langley. She looks like a Botticelli angel, but with the disposition of a she-devil. Shockingly forward and foolhardy, Phoebe is everything he doesn't want in a wife - despite the scalding heat of their mutual passion, desire and disapproval war within him, so Finn should feel relieved when Phoebe flees after a heated encounter. But too late Finn realizes he’s met his perfect match and her forgiveness and love are all that he needs most in the world.

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Content & Trigger Warnings: graphic sexual content

Mini Review

Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

I’ll be honest, Lady in Demand was a pretty cheesy historical romance. I thought the first book, Lady in Disguise, was a decent read but this one was almost too unbelievable to really get lost in.

Almost, but not quite enough because I ultimately thought this was a fun, of not terribly unique, story.

Fans of the enemies-to-lovers trope would likely enjoy this book because Phoebe and Finn can’t seem to get along. They don’t understand each other and rather than take the time to do so (at least at first), it’s easier to trade barbs. And me? I’m ALL for that because this is, by far, my favorite romance trope.

That said, I didn’t like that the barbs became somewhat nasty at times. Finn’s character is quite overbearing and his comments about and toward Phoebe throughout the book became crueler and crueler. To the point that I wasn’t happy with how quickly Phoebe forgave him to give this romance a happy ending. Because I liked Phoebe. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind but everything she had had a reason behind it. Given the chance, she’d change the world, so despite the chemistry between her and Finn, I totally think she could have done better. But that’s not how romances work.

The story itself was rushed in places, and I felt that despite the frequent interactions between Phoebe and Finn, their romantic relationship wasn’t developed enough to warrant the ending they had. I think I’d have rather seen things move slower, ending the book on a happy note and maybe wrap their story up in the next book. But that’s my preference.

Lady in Demand was a decent read and the second book by this author that I liked, enough that I’d read others, so might be a series worth checking out if you enjoy historical romances.

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