Review – Lost in Temptation by Lauren Royal

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Review – Lost in Temptation by Lauren Royal
Lost in Temptation
by Lauren Royal
Series: Regency Chase Family #1
Published on August 12, 2012 by Novelty Books
Format: eBook
Pages: 309
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance

England, 1815

The eldest of three sisters, Lady Alexandra Chase has always done what was expected of her. But when the man she's loved since her girlhood returns from a long spell abroad, she quite suddenly finds herself hoping the fine lord her brother has picked for her won't propose. She decides that if he does, she'll quite improperly turn him down—that is, until the man of her hopes and dreams informs her he has no intention of marrying her.

The last time Tristan Nesbitt saw Alexandra, he was a common man with no hope of ever wedding the daughter of a marquess. Seven years later, he's now Lord Hawkridge, which should make him eminently suitable for the woman who long ago captured his heart. But a dreadful scandal has tarnished his name in England—a scandal so horrid that marrying Alexandra would ruin not only her flawless reputation but her whole family. For Alexandra's own good, he must fight his relentless desires and stay far away…

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For a free eBook, Lost in Temptation was…cute. The ever-chaste and perfect Lady Alexandra has been swooning over her brother’s best friend Tristan since she was in her early teens. He leaves for seven years and in the meanwhile, the eldest Chase, Griffin, is now running the estate and trying to marry off his three sisters as fast as possible. Alexandra isn’t opposed and even has a suitor lined up for her.

Until Tristan shows up.

Seven years. Seven. She goes from clear-headed and content with her future to swooning. But the new Lord Hawkridge won’t have any of that. He may not be able to control himself around the alluring Lady Alexandra but he is dead-set on not marrying her (or any girl, for that matter). I swear, this boy has one of the biggest guilt complexes I’ve ever seen. His “scandal” is a thing of mere gossip yet association with him means living in the dead zone of society. Yeesh, talk about harsh over a piece of dinner conversation. But Alexandra decides that she doesn’t want anyone else but Tristan, and she’s not only determined to marry him but clear his name as well.

As I said, I’d call this romance cute. There are a number of intimate scenes sprinkled throughout, though the frequency changes halfway through. It’s a slow start, and I first thought: okay, this story is about Alexandra catching her dream man. Cool, I can roll with that. [I wouldn’t be reading in the romance genre if I wasn’t prepared for steamy nights in the regency era, and the endless game of cat and mouse between two people with secrets.] And we get that… until it changes into something else and suddenly the mystery surrounding Tristan’s soiled name takes point. The action definitely picked up around then, and I laughed a bit at Alexandra’s investigative skills. Plus, much like any romance, Tristan and Alexandra couldn’t keep their paws off each other. Plot-wise, I wasn’t expecting much from a free romance. Certainly a quick and entertaining story.

As for the characters themselves, I initially liked Tristan, until he continued on about how he’d ruin the life of whoever he married and anyone related to said person. The honor deal is attractive until you overdo it. Alexandra, I wasn’t taken with nearly as quickly, but her forward manner made me enjoy reading her story. Her sisters added a little life too, though their brother Griffin really needed to learn how to do things by himself and grow up. Then he has a “thing” with their so-called cousin Rachel, which is obviously going to lead more but I felt like it was unnecessary and didn’t really fit with the rest of the story. As a whole, though, the cast was decent.

Pick up Lost in Temptation if you’re looking for a quick, sweet romance. Light enough for a day at the beach while providing the basic elements we all love: a dash of sexual tension, a hint of mystery, and just a few hot-to-the-touch moments.

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