One for the Rogue by Manda Collins | ARC Review

A Mysterious Ending to a Bluestocking Series

POSTED ON June 20, 2018 BY Austine IN Book Review

One for the Rogue by Manda Collins | ARC Review
One for the Rogue
by Manda Collins
Series: Studies in Scandal #4
Published on June 26, 2018 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Format: ARC
Pages: 305
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance


Geologist Gemma Hastings has no interest in pursuing romance—and no patience for Lord Cameron Lisle, an esteemed fossil hunter who has a way of always honing in on her territory. . .annoyingly handsome though he may be. But when a shocking attack puts Gemma in very real danger, she may have to accept Lisle’s offers of protection. Even if that means entering into a dangerous flirtation. . .

Lisle was once amused by Gemma’s dedication to her work. But now that he understands how much he’s underestimated her—a woman whose beauty is matched only by her genius—Lisle is desperate to prove his respect…and prove himself worthy of her. But is he too late? A bitter rival, desperate to steal Gemma’s scientific findings, is still at-large. Can Lisle help uncover the culprit and keep her safe—forever, in his loving arms?

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Content & Trigger Warnings: some sexual content

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I’ve been following the Studies in Scandal series since the beginning so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read One for the Rogue, the final book in the series. Especially since the heroine is a geologist and I am HERE for the sciences in historical romances.

Gemma has hovered in the background of the previous books but I was excited for her story because she’s absolutely the outspoken, intelligent young woman that is everything a lady isn’t supposed to be according to society (those are always my favorite characters). She’s had to fight for the same recognition as men in the same field, an uphill battle that shapes who she is and how she tends to react when her activities are questioned (good for her, though!). I loved how she put all the men in her life in their place and showed them that women could do anything they could. I really enjoyed reading her perspective because it was, frankly, quite refreshing in a romance novel. I’m all for the bluestockings, as they’re often named.

That said, I don’t know if I believed that this was a romance so much as a mystery with some romance on the side.

Gemma and Cam, the leading man in One for the Rogue, start at odds which made me think it would be an enemies-to-lovers situation but instead, the story flipped toward a mystery and the romance suffered for it. Which, I wouldn’t say I had a problem with exactly because I enjoyed the book and the characters, but when I pick up a romance I expect that it will be the dominant plot and (hopefully) well-written.

In the case of this book, Cam was forgettable and the romance felt forced into the story because of the focus of the dominant plot. It lost me by the halfway point and I simply stuck around for the rest because I’ve already put in the time with the rest of the series and it felt silly not to finish this one last book. And to be fair, I didn’t dislike the mystery aspect. It wasn’t really why I picked the book up in the first place but it was done well enough to be entertaining.

I’ve enjoyed the Studies in Scandal books and, as a whole, would recommend the series. I wouldn’t say they quite fit the typical historical romance which is probably a good thing, to be honest. One for the Rogue wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be but I enjoyed it enough to feel satisfied with the series.

If you enjoy heroines who challenge the norms of the time period and want more from life than to marry well, I think you’ll really enjoy this historical romance series!

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