Review – Seeker by Veronica Rossi

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Review – Seeker by Veronica Rossi
by Veronica Rossi
Series: Riders #2
Published on May 16, 2017 by Tor Teen
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

When Daryn claimed she was seeing visions during her sophomore year of high school, no one believed the truth.

She wasn’t losing her mind; she was gaining the Sight—the ability to see the future. Daryn embraced her role as a Seeker. The work she did was important. She saved lives.

Until Sebastian.

Sebastian was her first—and worst—mistake.

Since the moment she inadvertently sealed him in a dark dimension with Samrael, the last surviving demon of the Kindred, guilt has plagued her. Daryn knows Sebastian is alive and waiting for help. It’s up to her to rescue him. But now that she needs the Sight more than ever to guide her, the visions have stopped.

Daryn must rely on instincts, intelligence, and blind faith to lead the riders who are counting on her in search of Sebastian. As they delve into a shadowy realm where nothing is as it seems and where Samrael is steadily amassing power, Daryn faces the ultimate test. Will she have to become evil to destroy evil?

The very fate of humankind may rest in the answer.

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

If I’m being totally honest, I’m still not sure where I stand with this book. It takes place several months after Riders, with Daryn off on her own and the horsemen looking for her.  For the record, this post may have some spoilers if you haven’t read Riders as the books are very closely tied together.

Of the two, I definitely liked Seeker more. The dual points-of-view moved the story along faster instead of getting bogged down in the conversational descriptive style of the first book. It lacks the feel of someone telling a story to someone else, involving the reader more in the plot, which I really liked.

I think getting out of Gideon’s head was an added bonus. This one alternates between Daryn and Gideon’s viewpoints so you’re not stuck with War and all his anger which drove me nuts last time around. I also appreciated getting to know Daryn better because she wasn’t one of my favorite characters before. The only thing with the dual PoVs is that unless I checked the chapter heading, I wasn’t always sure who was speaking at certain points. They have distinct personalities as characters but their voices, I found, were very similar at times.

My biggest issue with Seeker comes down to the romance. The first book lays it on pretty thick that Gideon has a thing for Daryn but the bulk of the story centered around finding the other horsemen and defeating the Big Bad. But for some reason, in this book, their relationship became a huge component of the plot… and I wasn’t feeling it. Their attraction to each other seemed just that: attraction. Nothing more, for me. Which is a problem when the story is more focused on making sure they end up together than rescuing Bastian which is kind of the whole point of the book??

I loved they dynamics of the guys in Riders and wanted more of that but it just wasn’t there in the same way as before.

Much of Seeker saw the characters facing their inner demons and I saw the need for it to happen, as many of the other elements of the book were “needed,” it left the pacing all over the place. We have to wait until the characters are all together again for anything to really happen and then they spend most of the book walking through this strange world. Then WHAM rush ending (which I wasn’t all that satisfied with? but that might be more me than the book).

I wanted more action from this book, more exploring the four horsemen and their abilities that we get a glimpse of in Riders. I mean they’re pretty awesome so I was eager for more of that awesomeness. In the end, I felt that Seeker wasn’t the ending I wanted, but the ending that Riders needed with everything wrapped up nice and neatly with a pretty ribbon. It was a bit bland for me.

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