Mini Review – The Slow Fade by Matthew Cody

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Mini Review – The Slow Fade by Matthew Cody
The Slow Fade
by Matthew Cody
Series: ReMade #1.14
Published on December 14, 2016 by Serial Box Publishing
Format: eBook
Pages: 47
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult

After a long journey with many trials and tribulations, the teens had finally started to think they’d found someplace to call home. Little did they know the city of Arcadia was also someone. When she finally makes contact, it’s with a grim request – and how the group responds will have major consequences.

You live. You love. You Die. Now RUN. ReMade is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will take readers past the boundaries of time, space, and even death.

This is the 14th episode of ReMade, a 15-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Matthew Cody.

ReMade Season One: In one moment the lives of twenty-three teenagers are forever changed, and it’s not just because they all happen to die. “ReMade” in a world they barely recognize – one with robots, space elevators, and unchecked jungle – they must work together to survive. They came from different places, backgrounds, and families, and now they might be the last people on earth. Lost meets The Maze Runner in exciting serial adventure.

Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

Holden’s back in the spotlight and I couldn’t be more excited… except Inez had to come in and ruin that. Still don’t like her.

But guess what? ANSWERS. My questions have been answered!

I wondered if we’d find out why these particular teens, why bring them back, and we do! Obviously no spoilers so you can just breeze through these episodes yourself to find out.

This reveal was kind of huge and honestly makes me regret reading this far because while it was cool, I wasn’t satisfied at having read fourteen episodes where I was primarily frustrated or annoyed, only to have it be one of the things I’m not a fan of in SFF novels.

We definitely needed the previous episode for this one as Arcadia plays a big role in the future of the teens. She knows things, and wants to trust Holden with the information (if Inez is there… can she just go away?). I honestly didn’t want her in the spotlight. Holden is one of my favorite characters but I feel like he’s always cast aside for one of the others when he has so much potential. Arcadia sees it, at least.

I’m starting to see how this serial may split in several directions in future seasons. There were all these little details spread throughout this season leading up to this point that could feed into several possible futures.

I’ll say this. If the last episode doesn’t offer some sort of conclusion on this chapter of the teens’ story, I’m not touching this serial again.

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