Review – Tales from the Front by Elise Kova

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Review – Tales from the Front by Elise Kova
Tales from the Front
by Elise Kova
Series: Air Awakens #2.5
Published on February 10, 2016 by Elise Kova
Format: eBook
Pages: 42
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

12 stories told from different perspectives that have to be read between book 2, Fire Falling, and book 3, Earth's End.

The order of point of views are:
* Fritz
* Aldrik
* Elecia
* Aldrik
* Fritz
* Reale
* Emperor Solaris
* Jax
* Daniel
* Baldair
* Tim
* Erion

Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

This very short novella from the Air Awakens series falls after Fire Falling (book 2) and before book 3, Earth’s End. If you’ve kept up with the series so far, you’ll know that the books are told from Vhalla’s point of view but this novella looks inside the minds of some of the other characters as well as a few new ones that appear in the next book.

To be honest, compared to the main series, I didn’t think this was really up to par but it was interesting to get brief glances into other characters’ heads even if I didn’t necessarily think it was adding much to the story.

There are spoilers from the end of Fire Falling in this one y’all but I’d also say you don’t need to read it to start the third book. It helps fill in some blanks since it starts a little before the end of Fire Falling and ends a bit after the beginning of Earth’s End.

And since it was from different character PoVs, I’ll just go right down the list in the order they appeared!

We start off with Fritz. I love Fritz. He’s an adorable smol cinnabun who loves Vhalla like a sister and is truly the best of friends. He worries so much over her and I think she needs that level of caring in her life.

Then there’s Aldrik, the big cinnamon bun. You get to learn that he’s dealt with a lot mentally (and physically) and it’s taken a huge toll on him. I don’t think I realized how dark his thoughts really were until I got to look into his head, and it makes his character what he is. But he’s also changing for Vhalla (in the good way, not the changing-just-to-sleep-with-her way, and you can see that too.

Oh, Elecia. I really wasn’t a huge fan of her character to start but my opinion changed slightly seeing how much she actually admires Aldrik and wants the best for him, making her previous actions seem more sensible, or at least more relatable. I think I’ll like her in the future books.

Back to Aldrik again and oh gods THAT SCENE from his perspective… If you’ve read Fire Falling I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about. His love is so strong and it’s crazy but beautiful.

More Fritz! I love his faith in Vhalla and his general optimism, which I don’t see that as often in fantasy

We then meet someone new, Reale, who definitely knows something and seems like she has some sort of skill…I’m intrigued…will we get more of her in Earth’s End???

Hey look, we get to read the mind of Emperor Solaris. He’s such a dick, but there’s something more at work, I feel like…

Okay Jax. I need more. I have a feeling he plays a big role in the future and I’m so ready for that.

Poor, poor Daniel. I feel for him, truly, and sometimes I think he would be the “safer” choice but I also love our dear Fire Lord so the ship struggles are real.

The younger brother. Despite whatever is between the brothers Baldair loves Aldrik and means well by him, and I love that he wants those under his command to fight as a family/team, to work together instead of against each other (not standing for the politics of it all).

Tim is so sweet. Poor doppelganger girl, thrust into someone else’s life and then cast aside and lacking purpose. I hope she gets her own adventure.

Another new character? Erion, you sneaky bastard getting Baldair drunk. He seems like a bit of a gossip but also good natured and likely means well so will see how that plays out in the next book.

Okay, so while I had a LOT (surprisingly) to say for only 42 pages, this is a short novella. You don’t need to read it and don’t expect the same level of storytelling and writing as you would from the main books but it’s by no means bad. And I think it definitely adds to the time break between books 2 and 3. Would definitely give it a go.

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