Thieves and Mageus and Stones, Oh My! | The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell (+ Giveaway!)

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Thieves and Mageus and Stones, Oh My! | The Devil's Thief by Lisa Maxwell (+ Giveaway!)

Happy Monday, Knights! Oh yes, today is a good day BECAUSE The Devil’s Thief blog tour has come to NovelKnight so I can share my review with y’all! (And trust me, this book is GOOOOOOOD).

Read on for my thoughts then go enter the fabulous tour giveaway at the end! And make sure to check out the series website for even more awesome info + buy links!

About Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell is the author of Sweet Unrest, Gathering Deep, Unhooked, & The Last Magician (Simon Pulse, Spring 2017). When she's not writing books, she's an English professor at a local college. She lives near DC with her very patient husband and two not-so patient boys.

Thieves and Mageus and Stones, Oh My! | The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell (+ Giveaway!)
The Devil's Thief
by Lisa Maxwell
Series: The Last Magician #2
Published on October 9, 2018 by Simon Pulse
Format: ARC
Pages: 686
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

In this spellbinding sequel to the New York Times bestselling The Last Magician, Esta and Harte set off on a cross-country chase through time to steal back the elemental stones they need to save the future of magic.

Hunt the Stones.
Beware the Thief.
Avenge the Past.

Esta’s parents were murdered. Her life was stolen. And everything she knew about magic was a lie. She thought the Book of Mysteries held the key to freeing the Mageus from the Order’s grasp, but the danger within its pages was greater than she ever imagined.

Now the Book’s furious power lives inside Harte. If he can’t control it, it will rip apart the world to get its revenge, and it will use Esta to do it.

To bind the power, Esta and Harte must track down four elemental stones scattered across the continent. But the world outside the city is like nothing they expected. There are Mageus beyond the Brink not willing to live in the shadows—and the Order isn’t alone in its mission to crush them.

In St. Louis, the extravagant World’s Fair hides the first stone, but an old enemy is out for revenge and a new enemy is emerging. And back in New York, Viola and Jianyu must defeat a traitor in a city on the verge of chaos.

As past and future collide, time is running out to rewrite history—even for a time-traveling thief.

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Content & Trigger Warnings: physical violence and abuse

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

After several hours and nearly 700 pages of YA fantasy goodness, I finished The Devil’s Thief and immediately wanted to curse its author out for doing that to those poor characters. 

Yeah, it was that good.

When I read The Last Magician, I was blown away by the world-building and attention to detail. The Devil’s Thief moves back and forth between the years 1902 and 1904. I wasn’t a live then. Y’all weren’t alive then. We couldn’t live that history but I still felt like I was there. And Esta, she’s a modern girl in a world where her way of thinking may not go over like she expects (*cough* any scene involving clothes and losing them and Harte and SWOON).

And being a sequel, I had some reservations about how this book could go downcould the stakes be any higher, and all that jazz. No worries, it surpassed expectations! I was immediately sold on Esta and Harte’s chapters. To be fair, they’re my favorite characters and I will die with this ship (and almost did a number of times because HOLY TENSION). Though I did feel like their story became more about the slow burn romance “we can’t be together but we want to be” business rather than the plotting and thieving I fell in love with in the first book. I still loved it, don’t get me wrong, but once they reached the rebel group it started feeling strained.

Maxwell introduced new PoV characters so that this book was bouncing all over the place between New York and St. Louis, from our Thief and Magician, to Jack, to Jianyu and Viola, Cela, and even more characters. I loved that Viola had more page time. She was one of those characters that didn’t say much but had a presence in The Last Magician and seeing her background fleshed her out more. Also, not to come back to romance subplots but hers was fantastic (F/F which y’all shouldn’t be surprised about from the last book but I won’t spoil who it’s with!). I’m really looking forward to seeing her character in book 3.

IN ADDITION, not only did Never the chapters switch characters each time but often the location and the year would change. have I been so thankful for chapter sub-headings. To be honest, the constant shift did pull me out of the story at times because I had to re-adjust to what was happening in that year versus another (even more confusing when characters appeared in both timelines). And because of all the jumping, I felt like there was an added need for detail to ground the reader nearly every chapter and it bogged things down a bit.

The Devil’s Thief is a LONG BOOK. At times, I really felt that and others I flew through it like no other, simply based on the scenes. I felt like not much happened but also a lot happened this time around, if that makes sense. The world-building and all the characters and the story lines and it all just came together so beautifully but also seemed to accomplish less overall compared to last book? Perhaps it set many things up for book 3!

But. I’m being critical but I also loved The Devil’s Thief. It’s fun and exciting, the characters are easy to get attached to and follow along with, and this world is just downright magical. I’m not sure where Maxwell will take this series next but I know I”m not prepared for it!



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