The Series Got Worse | The Rogue Queen by Emily R. King

POSTED ON February 6, 2018 BY Austine IN Book Review

The Series Got Worse | The Rogue Queen by Emily R. King
The Rogue Queen
by Emily R. King
Series: The Hundredth Queen #3
Published on February 13, 2018 by Skyscape
Format: eARC
Pages: 293
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Despite the odds, Kalinda has survived it all: Marriage to a tyrant. Tournaments to the death. The forbidden power to rule fire. The icy touch of a demon.

That same demon now disguises itself as Rajah Tarek, Kalinda’s late husband and a man who has never stopped haunting her. Upon taking control of the palace and the army, the demon brands Kalinda and her companions as traitors to the empire. They flee across the sea, seeking haven in the Southern Isles.

In Lestari, Kalinda’s powers are not condemned, as they are in her land. Now free to use them to protect those she loves, Kalinda soon realizes that the demon has tainted her with a cold poison, rendering her fire uncontrollable. But the lack of control may be just what she needs to send the demon back to the darkest depths of the Void.

To take back the empire, Kalinda will ally with those she distrusts—and risk losing those most loyal to her—to defeat the demon and bring peace to a divided nation.

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I’m not really sure what to say about The Rogue Queen. I loved The Hundredth Queen and The Fire Queen was alright, but I feel like I’m enjoying the books in this series less and less as they go on.

We’re switching from the competition-style plot now into more fantasy war/epic battle type stuff. Not a bad thing, I’m there for all that, but what I found happened was the action scenes were just words on the page, the entwined romance needed to just disappear, and I no longer like our protagonist, Kalinda.

The magical aspect is much stronger in The Rogue Queen, with Kalinda’s Burner powers on the fringe as they slowly destroy her. Which, you know, sounds like a good tension builder because you don’t know what will happen to her. Instead, I found that I couldn’t care less if Kali did get killed off and a side character stepped in because they were more interesting. Kali’s been the same in every book. She’s warring with herself between duty and her heart which gets her into trouble. It went from interesting to boring. Three books in and they’re predictable. She’s a sister warrior who’s trained and fought and should be pretty kick-butt at this point but instead she’s the weak one being cared for by everyone around her.

What really gets me is that this ENTIRE TIME Kalinda is fighting for a change in how her world works and yet none of it really changes. I feel like she’s just trading one rajah for another, the son for the father, where the son is a nicer person but that’s it. And don’t get me started on the romance-thing between him and Kali because that was just a mess.

Actually, the entire romance subplot was a mess.

First. Love triangle. And not done well either so UGH. Then, for the THIRD TIME Kalinda and Deven are kept apart. My biggest issue with this is that in the last book, King introduced Deven as another point-of-view character, alternating chapters between the two. That happened again in The Rogue Queen (and I still don’t like Deven’s PoV) but she is still keeping the two apart.

There’s slow burn romances and then there’s frustration to the point that you lose the reader. That’s where I am. The whole “forbidden romance” deal gets old.

I won’t even comment on the ending because I saw no reason for it to even exist. The story could have ended, in my opinion. The book could have been the third and last. Yet instead there’s this random ending that made no sense and we’re getting a fourth book.

I can’t with this book, y’all. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a series where I progressively disliked each book more as they went on. I LOVED The Hundredth Queen so it’s really disappointing seeing the direction the books have taken. I’m not sure if I’ll read The Warrior Queen (book 4). Part of me is considering it since I’ve read up to this point but we shall see. It’s safe to say The Rogue Queen was a disappointment.

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One response to “The Series Got Worse | The Rogue Queen by Emily R. King

  1. shesgoingbookcrazy

    Great review, Austine. I agree with you 100% on your feelings towards this book. I too loved The Hundredth Queen, but each book since has unfortunately gotten worse in its direction and purpose. It’s sad, because The Hundredth Queen was such a strong start to the series!