Read This Last Book | Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

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Read This Last Book | Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost
Twice Tempted
by Jeaniene Frost
Series: Night Prince #2
Published on March 26, 2013 by Avon
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 360
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Dating the Prince of Darkness has its challenges...

Leila's psychic abilities have been failing her, and now she isn't sure what the future holds. If that weren't enough, her lover, Vlad, has been acting distant. Though Leila is a mere mortal, she's also a modern woman who refuses to accept the cold shoulder treatment forever–especially from the darkly handsome vampire who still won't admit that he loves her.

Like choosing between eternal love and a loveless eternity...

Soon circumstances send Leila back to the carnival circuit, where tragedy strikes. And when she finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer who may be closer than she realizes, Leila must decide who to trust– the fiery vampire who arouses her passions like no other or the tortured knight who longs to be more than a friend? With danger stalking her every step of the way, all it takes is one wrong move to damn her for eternity.

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Content & Trigger Warnings: physical violence, graphic sexual content


Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

The sequel to Once BurnedTwice Tempted picks up roughly where the first book ends with the relationship between Leila and Vlad on the fritz and some big bad on the way to stir up trouble. And much like the first book, I liked it but I didn’t love it like previous Frost books.

For starters, Twice Tempted felt like the first book all over again. There’s a villain in the background causing trouble and ready to put Leila in danger, their relationship is a mess because Vlad has anger/jealousy issues and Leila is indecisive. The new element? Maximus. Because we totally needed another Tate love interest (if you’ve read the Night Huntress books, you’ll definitely see the similarities). None of it felt new or exciting.

For the bulk of the book, it’s just Vlad and Leila going back and forth with their relationship. Which was a mess. Vlad was all over the place, both emotionally and with his decision making. Leila was just. . . bleh. I don’t really feel strongly one way or the other about her. The potential love triangle didn’t do anything but annoy me because it felt like a ploy to cause tension in the Vlad/Leila relationship that I already don’t care that much about. All in all, I wondered if anything would ever happen in Twice Tempted.

Now there was a bit more from Leila’s family. Gretchen, her sister, is starting to grow on me and I wouldn’t mind reading more about her and how she handles being human and surrounded by supernatural creatures. Leila’s father I could have done without because he was as extreme as Vlad.

But back to the story. Finally. At the end. Something happened. The villain was lackluster and came off as more of a reason for a bigger “plot twist” (that wasn’t really a twist). Don’t get me wrong, the last quarter of the book had plenty of action scenes, the “big fight scene,” and then. . . proceeded to end much like the first book did.

Twice Tempted was still a relatively good read (Frost knows how to write, that’s just how it is), but I wasn’t WOWed by anything in this book. I’d like to see more from these characters other than relationship issues with a quick capture-the-villain thrown in at the end, especially because it looks like all of this is going to repeat AGAIN in book 3. I’ve come to expect more from Frost books after the Night Huntress series but will be adjusting my expectations accordingly for the next in the Night Prince series.

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