Review – Water’s Wrath by Elise Kova

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Review – Water’s Wrath by Elise Kova
Water's Wrath
by Elise Kova
Series: Air Awakens #4
Published on April 26, 2016 by Silver Wing Press
Format: eBook
Pages: 378
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Librarian turned sorcerer. Sorcerer turned hero. Hero turned puppet.

The Solaris Empire found victory in the North and, at the cost of her heart and her innocence, Vhalla Yarl has earned her freedom. But the true fight is only beginning as the secret forces that have been lurking in the shadows, tugging at the strings of Vhalla's fate, finally come to light. Nowhere is safe, and Vhalla must tread carefully or else she'll fall into the waiting arms of her greatest foe. Or former lover.

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

I thought Earth’s End would be the emotional max of the series.

I. Was. Wrong.

It’s so hard to talk about the books in this series because they keep getting better and I have nothing bad to say! Water’s Wrath completely train-wrecked my emotions into the side of a mountain of pain. The scene-that-shall-not-be named…just…WHY?!

At the end of the last book, I was really concerned about Vhalla in the “what kind of trouble is she going to get into next” way. She has become one of my absolute favorite fantasy heroines. She’s strong and resilient, and isn’t afraid to mess up. This is the kind of woman who isn’t perfect but does the best she can when presented with an obstacle. She is the type of person I aspire to be, the type of person I think teens can really look up to as a character.

I love that Vhalla is her own person. She doesn’t make decisions based on Aldrik or even her friends. She considers them but her choices are her own and that makes her a standout character for me. Vhalla has grown so much as a character but she’s still that same girl from the library and I love that her core values and personality traits weren’t lost to the story.

Honestly, this whole cast of characters is amazing. Aldrik is the perfect imperfect book boyfriend and Jax…well I just love Jax’s personality so I loved seeing more of him. I never felt like the secondary characters were pushed aside or neglected in favor of Vhalla or the plot. They’re all well-rounded and each with their own quirks and flaws.

But the one thing I loved above even the characters is the story. The writing. Kova sends you into her world right from the beginning, but not in a way that’s disorienting. There’s a lot going on but the pacing is perfection. Plenty of action throughout the book to keep your attention but also breaks to keep it interesting. Well, except for the last bit of the book. It was pure action and tension and all the wonderful things about a book that have the potential to be soul-crushing.

That scene. THE SCENE.

When you read it you’ll know what I’m talking about. I thought the end of Fire Falling was bad. And it was. But this wasn’t even a cliffhanger and Kova destroyed my soul a little bit. I know that it contributed to the big picture story but IT HURT. SO. MUCH.

Y’all, it’s really hard talking about this book this far in the series without spoiling anything so sorry for the lack of specifics BUT it’s safe to say that if you’ve read the books up to this point, you won’t be disappointed with Water’s Wrath. I’d definitely say every book has been better than the last which has me a tad worried for the last in the series, Crystal Crowned. How can Kova top this?

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