5 Ways to Support Your Fave Book Bloggers

POSTED ON July 28, 2017 BY Austine IN Discussion

Yesterday I tweeted something that became fairly popular (compared to all my other tweets lol) after a few people commented on some of my reviews this past week.

It made me think about the work that we do as book bloggers and how it feels amazing when someone shows us a little bit of love. And I’m not talking in the form of books. I mean our readers who help us to spread the word!

So I put together a list of ways you can show your support for book bloggers, whether you’re a book blogger yourself, an author, a reader, etc!


Comment on blog posts.

Not only does a blog post comment give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, it also shows that our readers are engaging with our content. It can be an indicator of what kinds of posts we should keep posting (and which ones we shouldn’t). We put our reviews and discussions out into the world for our readers so it’s awesome when y’all respond back!

Share our posts on social media.

Similarly, by sharing our posts on your media pages, you’re showing us that you liked our content which is a good feeling on its own, but also helps us create better content and adjust to what y’all want to read. Whether you share out directly from our post or go to our media pages and share/RT from them, we see that and it’s greatly appreciated!


Talk to us!

Wait WHAT?! All I have to do is talk to you? I mean, none of these options likely apply to everyone but if you reach out to talk to me about a book that I mentioned (maybe I convinced you to read something) or you’re looking for book recs, whatever the case may be, that makes me feel good. It means that you value my opinion and consider me worth talking to.

And please, ask questions! Unless they’re highly personal, chances are we’ll answer.

Give us a follow!

Like what you see? Don’t forget that most bloggers are on at least one, if not more, social media platforms and following us shows your support in a way that also benefits you so you don’t miss a post. Additionally, those follower stats allow us to bring you new content and more opportunities. Y’all have the power in how much you want to support us (or not)!

Monetary Support

I was hesitant to include this on the list since I’m sure post of us are broke buying books but many bloggers have Ko-fi or Patreon (or some equivalent) pages that you can donate to. Blogging can cost money, especially if someone has their own domain, any plug-ins and add-ons they subscribe to, hosting giveaways, and all that fun stuff. One Ko-fi donation, for me, means I can give away a book. That covers the shipping cost (at least in the US/PR). So you don’t have to donate much but every little bit helps!


How do you like to show your support for your favorite bloggers?

Never miss another book recommendation!

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19 responses to “5 Ways to Support Your Fave Book Bloggers

    • Exactly! I love hearing from readers that one of my reviews convinced them to read a book because even just one comment like that makes all the work worth it!

    • I can see why authors don’t as I’ve seen several discussions with authors stating they don’t want to see reviews for various reasons (which might even apply to reviews of other authors’ books too).

      Publishers would have to pick and choose which reviews to boost so perhaps it’s better they don’t as much? The support would be nice but I see why we likely don’t receive it right now.

  1. I’ve noticed I get a lot less comments on my reviews, but when I do happen to get a super positive comment (ex GREAT REVIEW!) it makes me so much warmer and squishier inside than on other posts. Because of that I’ve been trying to leave more comments on reviews I really like, ESPECIALLY if the review cases me to add to my TBR.

  2. This is a brilliant post! I love getting likes and comments and interacting with people on social media! My only niggling concern would be the money point BUT you clarify it quite well and I know that if I wasn’t in full time work, I would be really grateful for help with giveaways and domain costs, etc.
    Thanks for writing this post! 😀

    • Yeah I felt a bit weird including it but I also know a lot of bloggers have pages for donations and if people CAN contribute then it can be really helpful to alleviate costs on giveaways and blog upkeep so it’s one of those totally optional, no obligation ways of supporting but not the only way!

  3. I try to leave comments on all the posts I read – even if it’s just an innocuous comment about the book itself. I notice there’s a lot of people who don’t get any comments on their great reviews, so I like to comment on those posts to say, “thanks for sharp but and keep up the good work!”
    I have a wonderful network of bloggers who always comment and always support, even if the book I’m reviewing isn’t their style. That’s what makes me feel like I’m special and my posts matter. ☺️
    I’ve always thought you have a beautiful blog and prob comment a lot just because I think your blog deserves some great comments! 😊❤️

  4. Love this! It’s all so true. The little things really matter. I always love when someone comments on my post, or gives my post a shoutout, or just compliments my blog in any way. It’s such a wonderful feeling. Great post!

    • Yes, the little things! I think that’s what keeps a lot of us going, gives us that extra push to continue doing what we do because not only do we love it but it means something to others too!

  5. I think commenting on blogs and sharing links is a great way to support your favourite blogger! It’s super important to support bloggers because most of us do this for free and on top of school and work meaning it’s a lot of time and effort put into the community and even a little bit of appreciation can go a long way! Lovely post Austine <3

  6. Anna

    Good stuff! I’m going to make sure to start doing some of these things to show book bloggers my support. I’m prone to reading posts and not commenting but I want bloggers to know I’m reading their posts.

    • It definitely means a lot to hear back from readers on posts! It helps us figure out what kinds of posts we should keep sharing and it’s just generally a good feeling 🙂

  7. I try and comment as much as I can when I like people’s post or blogs in general. But sometimes life does get in the way for that a bit. I forget to share them on twitter for that reason but I always make a list in my monthly wrap up post to share which ones I really liked.