4 Ways to Mentally Recharge Each Day

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I never cared about my mental health until I joined the book community.

To be fair, I also didn’t realize that it was a thing, that I needed to be concerned about it. I just took breaks when I felt like I needed to and left it at that. I was wrong and managing mental health is as important as regular doctor visits.

I thought it would be worth talking about too since it pertains to everyone and with the approaching holidays (NOT Halloween, as much as I love it, but the later autumn and winter ones) I thought it fitting. In my family, we celebrate Thanksgiving (sort of, we eat a lot of food but that’s really it) and Christmas, so I might refer to those specifically.

Family gatherings can be wonderful and exhausting. Depending on how big your family is, what types of activities you do, how well you get along (my sister and I are always at odds, unless food is involved), the holidays bring us together. You want to be at your best when that happens.

For the students out there, you’ve had a couple months of school now and probably can’t wait for the next long break. For my fellow full-timers, holiday vacations are sounding sweeter and sweeter. How are you planning on recharging your mental battery?

I wanted to share a few of the ways I regularly recharge to get me through these long stints between breaks!



Wow. Shocker. My go-to method for relaxing and taking a break from the world is a good book. Or at least I hope it turns out to be good (you never know until you start reading!). It’s escapism at its finest and my choice usually depends on how far down the rabbit hole I want to go.

For light, fluffy, happily-ever-after material, I grab a romance. Or two. Or three, if I have the time. To throw myself head first into a brand new world, I gravitate toward fantasy and from there decide if I want a sweeping epic or fast paced and shorter. Not that the two are exclusive, but I tend to find one or the other between YA and adult. And sometimes a book just sounds good so I pick it up.

But hey, if you’re reading a ton for school and not feeling ANOTHER book, I totally get that. My reading dropped off especially in college due to reading so many academic articles for classes. I needed another way to relax.


Netflix and Chill(ing on the couch in pajamas)

Snack food,  show with plenty of episodes, and comfy clothes. Now THAT is relaxing if I’ve ever seen it. Find a good show to marathon and you’re set. I think Netflix enables mindless watching to the extreme until, every now and then, it asks if you’re still watching. Good for those of you who fall asleep watching a show late at night.

I love sitcoms for this kind of relaxing. Episodes no more than 30 minutes long, light and humorous. Think How I Met Your Mother or Friends. Or, more recently for me, Young & Hungry. They’re easy to digest and give your mind a break.



Now if you haven’t exhausted your writing energy already, it can be a great way to refocus your mind in a different direction. I often find working on a story gives me a better perspective on other things in my life when I leave my own little world. And, personally, it works as a mental charge.

Whether it’s creative writing, blogging, social media posts, it’s just a matter of whatever works!

There are times when writing isn’t as. . . easy, especially with National Novel Writing Month approaching, but that’s when you want to step back and give it some time. Ultimately you want to enjoy what you do!


(Indoor) Gardening

I was one of those people that used to kill every plant I ever had. But recently I found that with a bit of time and research, plants aren’t as difficult as I thought.

Much to my family’s disapproval, I keep an indoor garden. Think plants all over a table and windowsill. I take some time each day to check on them, make sure they’re in tip top shape, note any new growth or flowers (my Christmas cactus is blooming right now and it’s beautiful!), and learning what they like and don’t like.

It’s become a way to wake up in the morning. I check on them before work, get the grow lights going, and just let the task of gardening take over. Plus, aesthetically, they’re nice to have around. I mainly have succulents and my one cactus spread over a couple pots, but at my office I keep ivy and a nerve plant, along with air plants.


These are my 4 go-to ways to mentally recharge daily/weekly but they’re certainly not the only ways!

How do you recharge your mental battery?


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5 responses to “4 Ways to Mentally Recharge Each Day

  1. Love this and love these ideas! Life is busy and challenging at the best of times so I try and curl up with a good book each evening after my son is in bed, a bit of escapism and to relax! Best therapy ever!

  2. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I am definitely one of those who still kill plants, whatever they might be. I Googled the heck out of it still no way out. But I am not giving up, I am on my fourth set of plants currently.