Welcome to Beat the Backlist 2017!

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Welcome to the start of the first ever BEAT THE BACKLIST reading challenge! We’re new on the challenge block but it hasn’t stopped us from putting together what we hope is an exciting and fun reading challenge to make your 2017 truly bookish.

All the information you need can be found on the challenge page but here’s a quick refresher:

  • YOU set your own goal
  • The challenge runs the ENTIRE YEAR (January 1 to December 31, 2017)
  • All books published prior to 2017 count (format doesn’t matter, and this includes ARCs for books published in 2016 or earlier)
  • OPTIONAL Hogwarts mini challenge, Twitter chats, instagram challenges, and reading scavenger hunts
  • EVERYONE can join (you don’t need a book blog!)
  • Sign-ups will remain open ALL YEAR

Haven’t signed up yet? Click here!


For Everyone

Each month there will be a link-up for all of your backlist book reviews! There will be a new one each month and this way y’all can go blog hopping and find some new books for your TBRs!

This month’s link-up will go live on SATURDAY, JANUARY 7th!!!

There will also be a week-long instagram challenge that everyone is welcome to and encouraged to participate in! The new monthly challenge will appear in the challenge sidebar!

We’re also hosting a twitter chat each month to see how everyone is doing and get to know each other. These will likely be the last weekend of the month and more information to come on that!

And for the more adventurous reader, we offer 4 reading scavenger hunts you can try, if you want the extra challenge!

Everything about this challenge is optional. We’re here to have fun and you can do as much or as little as you’d like!

If you have did NOT sign up for the Hogwarts House Cup mini challenge, then that’s it! Read! Have fun! Post your updates with #BeatTheBacklist! We’d love to see them!

Reminder that you can sign up for the mini challenge up until the beginning of December 2017 in case you change your mind.

If you DID sign up for the mini challenge, however, let’s chat quick!


Hogwarts Mini Challenge Participants

You want points for your Hogwarts house, right? Here’s how you get them (don’t worry, everything will be linked in the sidebar too so you can find it again).

  • Post your challenge TBR and/or goals. This is how you join the mini challenge and you automatically get 20 points for it!
  • Read! For every 10 pages read = 1 point.
  • Write a review. Post a review of a backlist title on your blog or Goodreads for 50 points.
  • Post a review to a retail website. Post your review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or another retail site for 15 points per posting (can earn for every site you cross-post to).
  • Complete a reading scavenger hunt. Finish all the prompts for one of the hunts to earn bonus points (amount varies by hunt).
  • Join the monthly instagram challenge. Post a picture on instagram each day of the challenge for 10 points per picture (bonus 50 points if you post the entire week).

But how to I GET the points?!

You can start submitting your books read/reviewed NOW! The link will remain near the top of the challenge sidebar! There are 2 separate forms, one for the instagram challenges and one for books!

Don’t forget your challenge ID!

These are part-for-fun but also to make your life (and ours) easier when we go through to add up points!

If you have any questions, let us know! There’s lots of information in those sidebar links so check them out (including a FAQ section)!


Happy New Year! And happy reading!


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4 responses to “Welcome to Beat the Backlist 2017!

  1. I think I’ll give this challenge a shot this year 🙂 I didn’t have much of a physical/owned books TBR last year but with the holiday season and all the sales I gathered quite the collection of unread books and they all happen to be pub pre-2016.