Quest to Authordom

This is a guest post series where authors answer the big question: How did you become a published author?

This is NOT limited to “traditionally” published authors. If you wrote a book, you published a book (or will have one published in the near future) then I’d love to hear from you.

Guest Post Format

Guest posts can be written in any length or format. As long as you’re talking about YOUR writerly origin story, you’re good to go. This blog has readers of all ages so please keep that in mind when writing your post.

Side note: if you want to title your post something else instead of “NAME’s Quest to Authordom” you’re absolutely welcome to! That will be the default title if you don’t provide one of your own.

For examples of previous Authordom posts, click here!


I Want Featured!

I’d love to feature as many authors as I can so if this series sounds like something you’d like to participate in, I want to hear from you!

All posts as part of this feature include: author photo and bio; social media links; info about your book (either your new/upcoming release or another title of your choice).

Interested? Let’s Talk!


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