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self2I have it on good authority that when you read a book, part of your soul is trapped within the pages. In which case I have over a thousand horcruxes and will never die so you will all have to suffer my presence for eternity.

You can call me Austine. I’m a twenty-something research grant developer who enjoys reading dead trees. I’ve reviewed books since 2011 on NovelKnight, my heart and soul (yes, this blog is a horcrux too). My literary questing sends me to battle dragons and save princesses (and the occasional prince) and find a happily ever after.

It’s a work in progress.


If it’s mystical I’ve probably read it (or plan to, hard to tell with my TBR pile). I’m a sucker for nail-biting action and starry-eyed romances. And dragons. A book has dragons? GIMME. For a full list of my favorite genres, click here.

Pretty sure I’m actually just Mushu in human form.

To the important things in life:

I’m a Slytherin Horned Serpent (and proud!). I have both a Nook and a Kindle but prefer physical books. Everything’s better as a series (with the exception of The Night Circus and Uprooted because they’re fabulous). If you dog-ear my books I will find you. Monster reads are preferable to something short and sweet, but both have their perks. And if it’s packed with action and a starry-eyed romance? Hell yeah!


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