For Publicity Inquiries

Thank you for stopping by NovelKnight! Please read over the information below before making inquiries.

I offer promotional space on and its associated social media platforms for:

  • Author Interviews
  • Author and Book Influencer Guest Posts
  • Giveaways
  • Bookstagram photo coverage and promotion.

Please see below for additional information on these promotional features.

All publicity inquiries may be sent via email (thenovelknight[at]gmail[dot]com).


About Me

Hello! My name is Austine. I am a U.S. book reviewer and book promoter of over 8 years, focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on young adult and adult fiction. I work to promote both books and the authors who wrote them through features on my blog and social media pages.


Book Review Requests

I no longer accept book review requests.

Unsolicited books will be considered but no review is promised.


Promotional Features

If you are interested in participating in an author interview or writing a guest post for NovelKnight, please contact me via email.

AUTHOR INTERVIEWS do not require the provision of a book as all questions are standard across all authors. Questions are sent via email and the author may answer as many or as few questions as they would like.

AUTHOR GUEST POSTS may be on any topic in relation to books or writing. This can range from a list post, book playlist, discussion post, and so on. 

  • Quest to Authordom. NovelKnight hosts a blog series where authors talk about their origin stories (how they became published). If you are interested in this feature, please make sure to mention that in your inquiry.

BOOK INFLUENCER GUEST POSTS. If you are a book blogger, bookstagrammer, booktuber, etc. and would like to write a guest post for NovelKnight, please contact me with your topic of interest.



NovelKnight will host giveaways but will not pay for or ship any prizes from a third party sponsor. You may decide the prizes and forms of entry available to readers (follows on social media, email subscriptions, etc.) or you may default to the blog standard which includes options to follow/like the author on any social media platform available as well as additional promotion through tweeting and sharing. All giveaways hosted on NovelKnight (i.e. not a part of a tour or blitz from another website) include a free entry in accordance with FTC guidelines.

You, as the sponsor, are required to supply the giveaway prize(s) and ship to the winner(s). I will contact you upon the completion of the giveaway with the winner’s contact information and thereby pass on all giveaway responsibilities from that point onward to you as the sponsor.


Bookstagram Coverage

I maintain an active instagram account dedicated to discussing and promoting books and authors. If you would like to be featured on my account with a styled photo, please tell me:

  • What is your book about
  • Is there a particular photo style you are interested in
  • Do you have specific content you want in the caption
  • Does the photo need to be posted by a certain date

I am happy to provide general coverage for books based on my posting schedule and my own personal interest in a book. Please note that I do not promote books on my account that I would not read or buy for myself. I want to keep my feed as genuine and honest as possible. If I decline your instagram feature request, it will be because of either scheduling constraints or a lack of interest in the book.

Provision of a book for instagram coverage does NOT include a guaranteed review of the book. I may choose to read it at some point in time but it is not included in the feature.

If you are interested in an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY, please refer to the previous section. All guidelines for review requests apply to instagram.


FTC Disclosure

In accordance with FTC guidelines, I receive no compensation for the reviews or any promotional content that I post. Books are from my own personal library (i.e. purchases, gifts, etc.), the public library, authors and publishers, or websites such as NetGalley and Edelweiss. All reviews list the source of the book and a disclaimer if the review was from a request.

Thank you for considering NovelKnight!