Holiday Gift Guide for the Book Lover in Your Life (+ a Giveaway!)

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Book Lover in Your Life (+ a Giveaway!)

Good morning, book lovers! Today I’m excited for the 12 Days of Holly Chase blog tour to stop by NovelKnight so I can not only chat about this book, but also share my Shop Small gift guide for the book lover in your life!

Shall we get started?

When I was younger, I would receive books for the holidays. I was young and couldn’t afford them myself so it was something I looked forward to. As I got older, I had to start making lists of what I owned so I wouldn’t receive a duplicate. THAT changed to making up a wishlist, usually spanning several pages. And when I finally got a job and started buying books for myself, my family gave up and stuck to giftcards so I could just pick out what I wanted.

The holidays are quickly approaching which means it’s time to get in any last-minute shopping done. If you have a book lover in your life who has all the books (and then some) and you want to get them something other than a giftcard this year, I have some recommendations for you to check out!

All the shops listed in this post are small businesses who sell book-related products, and most are ones I’ve personally bought from and would recommend! (Any I haven’t personally bought from but want to are labeled accordingly.)



Candles can be a fantastic gift for the holidays and give your home a cozy vibe. Many of the shops listed below create candles based on specific books or characters which make them the perfect reading companion.

Favorite Shops:
“Night Spire” candle from Novel Heartbeat Creations

Novel Heartbeat Creations. Of all the book candles I own, I probably have the most from NHC. Jessi’s candles always smell amazing and are beautifully colored too. She makes all sorts of book/fandom related scents and they come in a tin or jar.

Evil Queen. These candles are MASSIVE and the names are always on point. I have 2, “Snug Life” and “Literally Dead,” both of which smell delicious. And I believe they’re now offering double-wick candles with an even longer burn time!

FlickerinkI discovered this shop after they shared a new line of Hogwarts house candles. The labels are STUNNING and the scents are pretty much the best I’ve ever smelled (at least as far as a Slytherin candle is concerned).

“Reading Outdoors” candle from Get Fictional

Get Fictional. I’ve ordered a few from this shop and won a set of Supernatural candles after. They’re different in that they use amber colored jars which look fantastic with their labels. So far I’ve liked all the candles I’ve ordered from them, especially “Reading Outdoors!”

Other Shops to Check Out:

Canterbury Road Co. I’ve bought a couple candles from them that were well made and the labels are stunning too. They have a somewhat slow processing time, though.

Icey Designs. I have a handful of candles from this shop and like most of the scents (the two I don’t were my fault, I should have trusted my gut and avoided florals since I’m not a fan in general). They’re all absolutely stunning both inside and out.


Enamel Pins

Caraval inspired pin by Icey Designs

Cute, small, and an easy way to show off how much you love a particular book or fandom, enamel pins make great small gifts! And they work great as collectibles too if you’re looking to start a yearly gift tradition.

Nevernight inspired pin by Iron and Ink Designs
Favorite Shops:

Icey Designs. I LOVE her pin designs and have several. This is the only shop that I’ve found a Caraval AND Night Circus pin in, and all her other designs are stunning too.

Iron and Ink Designs. I’ve bought. . . a number of pins from this shop recently and while I wait for the rest to arrive from the recent sale, I can say that the designs are gorgeous, they’re well made, and the customer service is fantastic (I had my first order get lost in the mail and they immediately express shipped replacements after we talked).

Grisha/Darkling inspired pin by Dust and Pages

Dust and Pages. I waited for ages to get their 4 Londons pin because it was always going out of stock so fast! All their pins are gorgeous and perfect for book lovers.


Other Shops to Check Out:

Alchemy and Ink. Just bought a couple pins that should be arriving soon, so I can’t speak to the quality just yet! They’re all stunning designs so I’m excited to see them in person.

Literary Emporium. For the classics lover in your life. Their designs are always elegant and stunning. I have not personally bought from them but I’ve heard great things!

Clever Clove. These pins aren’t necessarily all bookish but they’re super cute designs and good if you like more cartoon-esque art.


Book Sleeves

For many book lovers, protecting their books from harm is a no-brainer, so why not help them out by getting them a book sleeve to hold their books and keep them safe while they travel.

Most companies offer a standard size that will fit paperbacks and some hardcovers, but many offer a range of sizes including ones for Kindles/mass markets as well as large hardcovers.

Mini Kindle sleeve from StoryHero

StoryHero. This is, by far, my favorite book sleeve shop to buy from. She offers 3 different sizes for her sleeves: Kindle/mass market book, “original” (good for paperbacks, ARCs, and YA hardcovers), and the larger size which will fit massive fantasy hardcovers. I have one of each size (2 of the Kindle size actually, one for my Kindle and one for mass markets), and I’ve gifted another of her sleeves. The inside lining is water resistant, they feature a front pocket, and a Velcro flap keeps the books in place.

Redwood Medusa sleeve from The Cozy Life

The Cozy Life. I’ve bought a couple sleeves from The Cozy Life and while they may not have some of the features of other book sleeves (they are simply the sleeve), they are well-padded and do the job. One of their small ones was the first sleeve I bought as a gift and it’s still going strong.


Other Shops to Check Out:

FabricBound. I just bought 2 sleeves from them (haven’t arrived so can’t confirm quality yet) but they feature a button and elastic close at the top, and come in 3 sizes.

BookGizmo. These sleeves aren’t as stiffly padded as some I’ve bought but they’re durable and come in a variety of sizes and patterns.


Bath & Body

Regency Romance lip balm from Literary Lip Balms

Bring the aromas of your book lover’s favorite books off the page and into the home with balms, lotions, and bath bombs to help put them in their favorite fictional world.

Favorite Shop:

Literary Lip Balms. In the past few months, I’ve bought at least 8 or 9 lip balms from this shop. They’re all-natural, smell great, and work great. I have them stashed everywhere (my coat, car, office, etc) and use them daily. If you like balms, HIGHLY recommend. They also carry lotions though I haven’t tried any yet.


Other Shops to Check Out:

Bookish Balms and Bath. I haven’t purchased from this shop yet, only follow them curerntly, but I’ve heard good reviews and they carry lip balms, bath salts and bath bombs, scrubs, etc.

GeekyClean. I’ve received a few of their products in book boxes in the past. Though I haven’t used them personally, my sister absolutely loves their bath bombs, which come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors. They also carry room sprays, soaps, balms, and other home products.


Subscription Boxes

FairyLoot November 2018 box

Subscription boxes are like pre-packaged gifts. All you have to do is order one and you’re set! Everything will be inside for your favorite book lover. Most companies have a “gift” option so that you don’t have to subscribe. You just get one box.

OwlCrate + mug featured in earlier box
Favorite Boxes:

FairyLoot. I’ve been a long-time subscriber of FairyLoot. They are a YA fantasy/sci-fi book box that features exclusive and signed editions, products not normally included in other boxes, and everything is of great quality. Of all the boxes I’ve tried, this is the one I’ve stuck with and would highly recommend.

November 2018 GoScribbler box

OwlCrate. I’ve gone back and forth with OwlCrate. Some months the boxes are great and others they’re a miss for me. It really depends. I recommend watching the theme and vendor reveals for a month before ordering if you can (and they don’t sell out first) but they’re a solid choice and I’ve been getting them more and more lately.

GoScribbler. This book box is designed with writers in mind. Buying for an aspiring author? This is a great choice. They feature useful products for writers as well as other fun stuff, writing advice booklets, and a book.


Other Boxes to Check out:

Illumicrate Quarterly and special edition boxes.

Shelflove Crate. Monthly and special edition boxes. YA

Shelflove Reads. Monthly and special edition boxes. YA contemporary, historical fiction, etc.


General Bookish Merchandise

Various products from The Bookish Shop

There are times that you don’t necessarily know what you want to get someone so seeing everything out there is your best bet. These shops carry a range of book- and fandom-related products.

Icey Designs. Not only do they have candles and enamel pins, but also journals, pillow covers, pencils, notepads, and ocassionally special monthly boxes.

The Bookish Shop. They carry a little bit of everything but are especially known for bookish T-shirts and other wearable products (scarves, pins, jewelry, etc).

Literary Emporium. Aside from enamel pins, they also carry notebooks and clothing.

Alchemy and Ink. They carry candles, enamel pins, and bookmarks, as well as offer small subscription boxes.


Overwhelmed with Ideas?

That was a LOT, I know! Plenty of shops to visit and a few ideas in case you’re not sure what to get the reader who already has ALL the books. And obviously this list is only a very small sampling of the shops

Have a favorite shop not listed?
Drop a link in the comments!

Tour Schedule

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About the Book

Holiday Gift Guide for the Book Lover in Your Life (+ a Giveaway!)
The Afterlife of Holly Chase
by Cynthia Hand
Published on October 24, 2017 by HarperTeen
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 400
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

On Christmas Eve five years ago, Holly was visited by three ghosts who showed her how selfish and spoiled she'd become. They tried to convince her to mend her ways.

She didn't.

And then she died.

Now she's stuck working for the top-secret company Project Scrooge--as the latest Ghost of Christmas Past.

Every year, they save another miserly grouch. Every year, Holly stays frozen at seventeen while her family and friends go on living without her. So far, Holly's afterlife has been miserable.

But this year, everything is about to change. . . .

Buy It!
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About Cynthia Hand

Cynthia Hand is the New York Times bestselling author of several books for teens, including the UNEARTHLY trilogy, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, MY LADY JANE and MY PLAIN JANE (with fellow authors Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows), THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE, and the upcoming novel THE HOW AND THE WHY (Fall 2019). Before turning to writing for young adults, she studied literary fiction and earned both an M.F.A. and a Ph.D. in fiction writing. She currently resides in Boise, Idaho, with a husband who's addicted to typewriters, two kids, two cats, one crazy dog, and a entourage of imaginary friends.


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  1. My favorite thing about the holiday is watching my loved ones opening presents that I put so much thought into. I just love their expressions.

  2. Wehaf

    I love spending time with my family; I would give up all the other holiday traditions and trappings to keep those precious hours.

  3. Oooh great list!! I have a book sleeve from StoryHero and I love it! You are right they are awesome!

    My favorite thing about the Holiday Season is to be with family and friends and all the great food!!

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    My favorite thing about the holidays is the happy feeling, which is so full of joy, all because I am surrounded by my family. There are so many happy memories of holidays and being surrounded by my family, especially family who are no longer here.
    And thanks for the list. I never would have considered most of what you suggested. I may even buy some boxes for myself.

  5. Such a fun giveaway! My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family and friends and seeing the Christmas lights around town!