Review – Ally by Anna Banks

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Review – Ally by Anna Banks
by Anna Banks
Series: Nemesis #2
Published on October 3, 2017 by Feiwel & Friends
Format: ARC
Pages: 320
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Princess Sepora of Serubel and King Tarik of Theoria have formed an uneasy truce between their kingdoms since the deadly plague began to rip through Theoria. Since their feelings for each other are entangled in politics and power, they must use their own trusted resources to find common ground.

But when traitors with powerful allies arise from unexpected places, Tarik and Sepora face challenges that will change both of their kingdoms forever. Will they learn whom to trust—including each other—in time to save their kingdoms, their relationship and even their lives?

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

I had my doubts about reading this book after Nemesis just wasn’t a great read for me, and honestly I probably should have listened to them. Ally continues the story set forth in the first book, now with tensions high between Sepora and Tarik as they try to do best by their people and their hearts.

And I honestly couldn’t care about any of it.

For starters, it took half the book for something to happen. That’s a lot of pages to fill and it was taken over by alternating chapters of the two lamenting over their feelings for the other and why they deemed those feelings wrong. Back and forth and back and forth and I stopped caring after the first chapter.

Then something FINALLY happens around that halfway point and it’s not even all that serious? The big plot stuff came after all that and honestly came down to a single person’s meddling and they hardly got any page time once the reveal was made. The villain wasn’t really a villain, she felt like she was just operating in the backseat while the romance became the central storyline which did not work for me.

I think that’s part of my issue with these books. They felt plot-driven with stuff happening to the characters instead of their decisions driving the story. It made for a book of reactions instead of actions.

I still don’t like Sepora. She spent all of Ally being stubborn and acting against Tarik at each turn, even just in conversation. And Tarik wasn’t much better. What happens when you get two very stubborn people who love each other in a story?

Well. I’m not a fan, that’s for sure.

And then there’s the ending and I disliked how it was Sepora who had to step things up when Tarik was the one constantly pushing her away (in a more final sense, not so much the conflict of their conversations).

I will say that it was nice to see the world expanded to include the other kingdoms but they didn’t get enough time in my opinion. I wanted to know more about the other kingdoms and less about the romance that wasn’t happening.

Also, what was up with the weird time jumps? Any time something got exciting, the story would jump ahead and skip the action. I just didn’t understand that at all. The few moments that could have been exciting are suddenly just wiped away.

think this is a duology, though the ending left room for more if it’s not (but it felt like Sepora and Tarik’s story were over). I can’t say that I enjoyed reading these two books. They’re certainly quick reads and I wanted Ally to make up for the issues I had with Nemesis and it just didn’t. I don’t think I can recommend these books unless you’re looking for a YA romance more than a YA fantasy.

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