Review – Discovery of Desire by Susanne Lord

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Review – Discovery of Desire by Susanne Lord
Discovery of Desire
by Susanne Lord
Series: London Explorers #2
Published on September 6, 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: eARC
Pages: 371
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance

To the East India Company, he's the ideal explorer: unwed, uncomplaining, strong as an ox and profitable. There's nothing Seth Mayhew can’t find—until his sister disappears en route to India. The expedition is the first he fears he may fail, until he discovers a valuable, and irresistible, ally sailing on the same ship to Bombay.

But Wilhelmina Adams is on an expedition of her own—for a husband. With six sisters, no dowry and no marriage prospects in her Derbyshire village, Bombay promises a husband and security. But assisting a dangerously distracting explorer won’t improve her prospects.

It’s an inevitable partnership, but the winds of fate are ever changing. Adventures that begin in the bazaars of Bombay can diverge to the slums of London and patchwork fields of England. And at each port of call, Seth and Mina will have to risk everything to unearth the heart’s greatest prize.

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

For a book that sounds an awful lot like a sweeping adventure, Discovery of Desire was a tad boring. Set in India, the leading gentleman, Seth, is on the hunt for his missing sister and the book’s heroine, Mina, came over on a ship seeking a husband only to find someone different than she expected. With all the talk of Seth finding his sister I thought that he and Mina would somehow end up on an adventure to find her while also falling in love but instead they really didn’t do much beyond talk and tease each other.

I’m not sure how this ties in to the previous installment in the series as i haven’t read it but I didn’t have any issues with reading this out of order.

First off, I really expected to see more of India. It’s not your typical setting for a historical romance, especially one involving British characters as those books are more often than not set in London. I really liked the idea of stepping beyond that but was disappointed when it wasn’t emphasized in any way beyond a few words here and there.

I wasn’t all that keen about Seth as a love interest. He was sweet and I liked the idea of having a leading man who was genuinely caring and not about trying to seduce the heroine. But he was ridiculously indecisive. It was this constant back and forth about feeling unworthy of marrying Mina but also wanting to hook up with her. And for all that he wanted to find his sister, he wasn’t inclined to go out and search for her like he planned. Also, all the winking? And using the same compliments over and over? Kind of got old.

Mina was much more likable and not nearly as annoying but I can’t say I was all for her either. I liked how loyal she was to her sister and she knew how to take the lead when no one would step up. But she kept fighting more and more for a marriage that wasn’t happening and she even knew that, as well as feeding into the whole back-and-forth between her and Seth.

I can’t say the story was all that bad. I enjoyed it enough but the story advertised in the synopsis wasn’t the story I read in Discovery of Desire. It took a while to pick up and ended up being a lot of the same conflicts over and over that weren’t really engaging, but overall the story wasn’t bad. Just… not great. I may check out the first in the series but it’s not super high on my list.

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