Mini Review – The Legend by Donna Grant

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Mini Review – The Legend by Donna Grant
The Legend
by Donna Grant
Series: Sons of Texas #3
Published on June 27, 2017 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Format: ARC
Pages: 320
Genres: Adult, Romance, Romantic Suspense


Callie Reed doesn’t need a man to protect her. An expert sharpshooter and renegade hacker, this Texas-born spitfire’s got the skills and the courage to stand up to any danger―no matter how deadly. But when she becomes the target of a shadowy organization known as the Saints, Callie is forced to team up with the one man she can’t outshoot: the gorgeous, and infuriating, Lone Star legend named Wyatt Loughman…

A Delta Force Colonel with a rock-hard body and stone-cold heart, Wyatt has been teasing and tormenting Callie since they were playmates on his family’s ranch. Of course, he’s wildly attracted to the fiery, strong-willed Callie. But he’s always hidden his feelings behind a wall of Texas tough and military cool, even as he’s burning up with desire. Can Wyatt save Callie’s life―without putting her love in the line of fire?

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

I really struggled to get through this book.

Part of this I attribute to trying to read the third in a series where the three are closely connected. Many of the characters were unfamiliar to me and I could definitely tell I was missing something. So if you’re thinking about picking The Legend up, definitely read the previous books.

Now, I’m a HUGE fan of Grant’s paranormal romance series. This one? Not so much. There’s plenty of action and suspense but none of it really worked for me (again, don’t have the background of the rest of the series). Much like in her other series, she keeps the story and character development work well together, one not dominating the other. I guess I just wasn’t invested.

I enjoyed both characters with their second chance romance. I’m not a huge fan of this style of romance, especially when it seems like the heroine forgives too easily or doesn’t notice that her love interest isn’t all that great. I felt like that for a while with Callie and Wyatt and it made it harder to ship them as a couple, but I came around eventually. It wasn’t a badly written romance or anything, but I think I was missing a few pieces to put the whole picture together.

I never quite felt like I connected with The Legend. It seemed a bit over the top and at the same time confused me because it tied so closely to the other two books (which isn’t a bad thing, just didn’t work for me). But I have a feeling fans of the series as well as of romantic suspense novels will love it!

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