Mini Review – The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter

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Mini Review – The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter
The Lost Vampire
by Kate Baxter
Series: Last True Vampire #5
Published on August 1, 2017 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Format: ARC
Pages: 432
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Romance

Soul mate--or tragic fate?

Once one of the oldest dhampirs in existence, Saeed now faces a treacherously uncertain future as a vampire. He believes that the only thing that can restore his position within his coven and tether his lost soul is the flame-haired fae who is destined to be his mate.

Cerys Bain is a soul thief. She is feared by those who dwell in the supernatural realm--and hopelessly bound to the ruthless mage Rinieri de Rege. The raw, sensual vampire who enters her world is both a threat and an intoxicating temptation: No one has ever made Cerys feel the way Saeed does. But to claim their fate as soulmates, Saeed must first find a way to free Cerys from Rin. Is their desire worth the risk of certain destruction--and eternal doom?

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See, you’d think I’d have learned from the attempt I made at reading the last book that I would read the series from the beginning before starting book 5, The Lost Vampire. And if I had the money to go out and buy the previous books I probably would have but alas I do not and so I read this with the vague understanding I have from book 4.

Thankfully, things were a tiny bit less confusing than last time. The romance itself wasn’t confusing, I should clarify. Once a romance, always a romance. They tend to be pretty straightforward. It’s the world, the character dynamics between both primary and secondary characters that is lost reading this out of order.

The Lost Vampire moved quite quickly. I’ll be keying in on the romance more since that’s the part of the book I ended up focusing on for the reasons mentioned above. And for a paranormal romance, it was alright. It didn’t get as hot and heavy as The Untamed Vampire but there were a few scenes to heat things up.

I can’t say I was a huge fan of the couple but I liked them individually. Cerys especially. She’s tough and down to earth while not being all about kicking butt and taking names. I think that balance between the two is why I liked her. She wasn’t an extreme one or the other. Saeed was much like the alpha males I see so often in paranormal romances but it didn’t completely dominate his actions. He worked with Cerys as a partner instead of holding her back so he could protect her. Theirs was more of a slow burn romance than it was in book 4 since they had to figure out their connection which allowed them to learn about each other while feeling that attraction.

I enjoyed this more than The Untamed Vampire but a lot of that comes from the fact that I had a slightly better idea of what was going on. I would still recommend reading the series from the very beginning as it’s one that’s harder to jump in on mid-way through.

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