Review – Need You Now by Emma Douglas

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Review – Need You Now by Emma Douglas
Need You Now
by Emma Douglas
Series: Cloud Bay #1
Published on August 29, 2017 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 304
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Romance

Welcome to the small island town of Cloud Bay, where it's never the wrong time to find a love that's oh-so-right. . .

Caleb White knows what he wants out of life--and being a star tennis player is not it. After speaking to the press about his plans to retire, Caleb decides that a trip to quaint, beautiful Cloud Bay for its legendary music festival is exactly what he needs. There will be time to figure out what to do with his life without a racket in his hand soon enough. Until then, Caleb is content to be stuck on an island with CloudFest's gorgeous director Faith Harper. . .

The daughter of a famous rock star, Faith knows all about fame, fortune, and hot flings that aren't meant to last longer than a few good songs. Gorgeous, built Caleb is a temptation she can't resist, but she's not prepared for the way he makes her feel. . .and the dreams that they both share. What begins as a carefree distraction deepens into something real. But is Caleb ready to put his celebrity behind him and give life in the slow lane with Faith a chance?

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

There’s something to be said of reading a book at just the right time, and I read Need You Now exactly when I needed to. Y’all know how I feel about contemporary romances. I’ve come around to them but they’ve always been hit or miss.

The first in a new series, Need You Now covers the events of a big music festival in a small town with a rockstar’s daughter and a famous tennis player. Talk about an interesting combo. And this book had a few good points (and few not-so-great).

Faith could have been an interesting character but her entire personality, her entire world, revolved around the music festival her father started and her refusal to get attached to anyone. Caleb was a bit more open to possibilities and, in general, I thought there was more to his story than Faith’s (he was just more interesting).

For the first part of the story, Faith and Caleb have a lot of instant attraction going on that leads to a few hook-ups and an attachment builds from there. But there wasn’t a lot of emotion for most of the book but rather it all came together at the end.

And the there’s that ending. Well, roughly the last quarter of the book. First off, Faith makes a really stupid decision and then it ultimately leads to. . . nothing. There aren’t any real consequences. They salvage their entire relationship which got pretty smashed up in a matter of pages. I kind of lost respect for Caleb a bit for letting her off the hook so easily.

It would seem that I had a lot of issues with this book but in the end I really liked it. Crazy how that works. Honestly Need You Now is light, fun, a fling that turns into something more and you want to see the character get together because everything is there. While the ending wasn’t as satisfying as I would have liked and could definitely have been longer, it was nice to see that they weren’t jumping into some extreme commitment right away like I’ve seen in other books. Their resolution is to give a real relationship a try (versus just hooking up here and there) and I liked that they started/ended slower.

Need You Now is a promising start to a series and the author’s writing style is easy to fall into. I could definitely see myself picking up future installments when I need something quick and light to break up the rest of the heavy fantasies I gravitate toward. A decent contemporary romance and I think I could definitely recommend it regardless of my more critical comments.

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