Review – The Right Kind of Rogue by Valerie Bowman

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Review – The Right Kind of Rogue by Valerie Bowman
The Right Kind of Rogue
by Valerie Bowman
Series: Playful Brides #8
Published on October 31, 2017 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Format: eARC
Pages: 320
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance

Can two star-crossed lovers come together―until death do they part?

Viscount Hart Highgate has decided to put his rakish ways behind him and finally get married. He may adore a good brandy or a high-speed carriage race, but he takes his duties as heir to the earldom seriously. Now all he has to do is find the right kind of woman to be his bride―ideally, one who’s also well-connected and well-funded. . .

Meg Timmons has loved Hart, the brother of her best friend, ever since she was an awkward, blushing schoolgirl. If only she had a large dowry―or anything to her name at all. Instead, she’s from a family that’s been locked in a bitter feud with Hart’s for years. And now she’s approaching her third London season, Meg’s chances with him are slim to none. Unless a surprise encounter on a deep, dark night could be enough to spark a rebellious romance. . .for all time?

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I had a lot of fun reading The Right Kind of Rogue. It was one of those romances that was a bit over the top but highly entertaining and one I would recommend to fans of the genre.

Meg has been in love with her best friend’s brother since she was a teenager and now that he’s finally looking for a bride she’s determined to throw herself in his path and convince him to finally notice her. The book follows with a crazy scheming ton matchmaker throwing Meg and Hart, the gentleman in question, together. I think the scheming on its own was my favorite part. The situations these two end up in were hilarious and compromising so of course there was plenty of heat and steam throughout the story (but not so much that the story was lost).

I liked that Meg wasn’t a wallflower when it came to her personality. She might have been in society but she’s an intelligent young woman who cares deeply about those closest to her despite a rough childhood. On her own, she was a character I wanted to root for throughout the whole book.

Hart was exactly the kind of gentleman I like to read about in romances with a sense of humor, loyalty to his family, and wickedly charming. It wasn’t hard to like him throughout the book but there’s one aspect that I never understood about his character: he never noticed Meg over the years. Their families are feuding so I could see that being a reason but Meg and Hart’s sister Sarah spent a decent amount of time together so I would expect him to know a bit more about Meg beyond her name.

Which leads into my biggest issue with this book: the romance. Sure, these characters had chemistry when it came to the physical side of things but when it came to the emotion behind the romance, I was lost. I never understood what Meg saw in Hart. At the beginning of the story, she describes when she first fell in love with him (which was years before) and it apparently stuck but read more like a childhood crush than love. So when they’re thrown together it felt a bit insta-lovey for my tastes. Granted, I wanted them to work out but I think the romance could have been better developed.

Despite the romance not being quite what I was looking for, The Right Kind of Rogue really is quite an entertaining read and I’ll definitely continue reading this series as the books are fun and light reads. If you don’t care as much about the emotional side of the romance, then I would absolutely recommend picking up this book. Looking forward to the next Playful Brides book!

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