#ARCAugust – In Which I Attempt to Avoid Epic Failure… Again

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It’s that time of year again, when I’m reminded just how behind I am on my review books. . .

I try, I do 😅

Last year, I attempted ARC August and it was an EPIC FAIL. But. . . but. . . the year before that, I kicked butt and read SO MANY BOOKS and had reviews going up every day and it was fabulous and. . .  yeah. It went well.

Now I know that the likelihood of that happening this year is slim and I’m already a day late for signing up 😂 but I’m going to give ARC August another go this year and keep my goal reasonable.

Or at least what I think should be reasonable. Lately life has had a habit of crushing all my reading goals so I’m just rolling with it at this point!

Right, so challenge intro.

All credit for challenge graphics (banner/bingo card) belongs to Read.Sleep.Repeat.

ARC August is an annual reading challenge hosted by the lovely bloggers at Read.Sleep.Repeat. Please go check out their site and give them a follow! They’re truly awesome!!

2018 ARC August Challenge Sign-Ups

The goal? Read ARCs. Yes, those are Advance Reader Copies, y’all. Now, in the past, I’ve also personally included finished copies I’ve received in advance for review as some of the imprints I work with don’t put out ARCs for certain titles (or I didn’t receive an ARC format).

This year there’s even a reading bingo card! Check it out below!

(I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to tackle the bingo card portion of this challenge, will likely depend on how many books I end up reading, but I’ll keep track if I do it!)

So. . . onto the books. . .

I decided to keep my initial TBR for this challenge very short but hopefully I read more than what I set out to do here!

Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan  (Goodreads // Amazon)

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer  (Goodreads // Amazon)

Rule by Ellen Goodlett  (Goodreads // Amazon)

The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell  (Goodreads // Amazon)

I have way more books than these 4 to read but I’m starting small and just hoping to get through a few books this month before chaos reigns once more in September!

Are you participating in #ARCAugust?

What’s on your TBR?

Never miss another book recommendation!

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9 responses to “#ARCAugust – In Which I Attempt to Avoid Epic Failure… Again

  1. This is my first time participating and I have decided that 20 books is a great goal. It’s Day 2 and I haven’t read anything. I absolutely loved Not Even Bones! It was really unique and I definitely loved the sort of grey-moral protagonist. I think the books I’m looking forward to most are Blanca & Roja and Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore. She’s an auto buy author for me and I just love her stories. (Why I didn’t read my ARC of Wild Beauty last year the world may never know). Good luck!!

    • That’s an awesome goal! And everything I’ve heard about Not Even Bones is good so I’m really excited to read it!

      I haven’t read Blanca & Roja but I did try Wild Beauty. Wasn’t a fan of the writing style but that was personal taste. It was really well written! Very lyrical.

  2. Oooh, great TBR! Rule is on my ARCAugust TBR as well. I ended up not requesting Not Even Bones, though I kind of wish I had, but I think I’ll be putting it on my Christmas wishlist later this year because it sounds super good! Happy reading ♥