Review – Thunder Moon by Joanne Mallory

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Review – Thunder Moon by Joanne Mallory
Thunder Moon
by Joanne Mallory
Published on January 17, 2017 by Crooked Cat
Format: eARC
Pages: 140
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance

Thea Lavelle has a lot to juggle: a teaching career that is ramping up, keeping tabs on her globetrotting family and fine tuning her craft.

Thea is a hereditary witch whose gift came late. She’s still learning exactly what her wayward magic can do, but on meeting Marc, her best friend’s brother, she soon discovers her magic has some firm ideas about it wants.

The fates have been pushing Marc back home, to the bay of his teenage years. He knows that grief and guilt have left him burnt out, and that his family’s particular skill with healing is the best place for him.

He’d left home not knowing what he was searching for. Could it be that she’d been in Langston Bay all along?

Thunder Moon is the first novella in a trilogy of love, family and age-old magic.

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Knight's Judgment
Writing Style

I did not realize how short this book was until I started reading. Like novella length, so don’t do what I did and go in expecting a full-length novel… which I think was the problem. Thunder Moon NEEDED to be a full length novel to accommodate all that was going on.

This sounds like it’s going to be a paranormal romance/urban fantasy type book, right? Based on the synopsis I would make that assumption. Instead, it was romance with SOME supernatural aspects but not enough to curb my expectations. I love paranormal romances so I could ignore the length of this book if it delivered on all the witchy goodness.

But it did not.

Furthermore, that romance was all chocked full of insta-love. I get that it’s a novella so you’re fitting a lot of story into a short space (why did it need to be a novella?) but I wanted that romance developed if it was going to take up so much page space.

I wanted to get into the characters more, and didn’t mind Thea and Marc’s alternating points of view, but I never had enough time to care about them nor see any real development. For this particular story and the way it’s presented, they needed more time to come into their own, more of a focus on that development compared to the rest of the plot. I wanted to feel what they felt, to really get in their heads. As it was, I think anyone could have jumped into their shoes while reading and I’m sure that works for some people. Just not me. Thunder Moon definitely felt more story driven than character and I happen to be a fan of the latter.

The writing itself is decent. I wasn’t marveling at the skill but it was descriptive and easy to get into. This book is definitely a quick read both from the style of writing as well as the pace. Mallory keeps the story moving at a good clip.

Unfortunately there just wasn’t enough of this story. I think the plot holds a lot of promise and could have definitely been expanded to bring out those characters a bit more as well as flesh out the world (I need to know what’s up with the magic, thank you very much). If you’re interested in quick, easy romance with a paranormal spin, you might enjoy this novella. If you’re looking for something a bit… more, probably not the best for you. An okay read for what it was.

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